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MPS-2022 — International Conference on Many Particle Spectroscopy of Atoms, Molecules, Clusters and Surfaces
15 jui 2022 - 17 jui 2022 • Turku, Finlande
University of Turku, Department of Physics and Astronomy
MPS (The International Conference on Many Particle Spectroscopy of Atoms, Molecules, Clusters and Surfaces) is a biennial meeting of scientists to discuss the physics and chemistry related to the interaction of light and charged particles (ions and electrons) with various forms of matter, ranging from atoms to nanoparticles and surfaces. In particular the latest experiments, techniques and theoretical results involving multiple particles, their interaction (correlation, scattering, dynamics, multiphoton absorption etc.) and detection (such as coincident experiments) are presented.
spectroscopy, electron spectroscopy, free electron laser, FEL, XFEL, synchrotron, high harmonic generation, electron excitation, ion collision, atoms, molecules, clusters, photoabsorption, many-particle effects, coincidences, REMI, COLTRIMS, multiphoton absorption, charge migration, molecular dynamics, nuclear dynamics, femtochemistry, attosecond dynamics, DFT
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IC­ACS & SHIM 2020 — 29th international conference on atomic collisions in solids & 11th international symposium on swift heavy ions in matter
19 jui 2022 - 24 jui 2022 • Helsinki, Finlande
The ICACS29 and SHIM11 conferences will be held in the same venue at the University of Helsinki, Finland, from 19 June to 24 June 2022.

The conference series ICACS deals with physical and chemical phenomena induced by the interaction beams with condensed matter (surface, bulk of solids and liquids). Projectiles include singly and multiply charged ions, atoms and clusters, photons, electrons, positrons, antiprotons, etc. It started in 1965 in Aarhus (Denmark). The most recent meetings have been held in Caen (France 2018) ,Lanzhou (China, 2014), Debrecen (Hungary, 2014), Kyoto (Japan, 2012), Krakow (Poland, 2010) and Phalaborwa (South Africa, 2008).

ICACS focuses on assessment of the state of the art in the current understanding of a variety of basic phenomena. The conference series SHIM brings together the scientists performing the research with high-energy heavy ions in various fields, including radiation effects in solids, atomic physics, plasma physics, radiation biology and medicine, and nanotechnology. The series started in Caen (France) in 1989. The most recent meetings have been held in Caen (France 2018), Darmstadt (Germany, 2015), Kyoto (Japan, 2012) and Lyon (France, 2008). SHIM focuses on basic as well as applied research, including both theoretical and experimental aspects.

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EUCMOS 2020/2022 — 35th European Congress on Molecular Spectroscopy
14 aou 2022 - 19 aou 2022 • Jyväskylä, Finlande
University of Jyväskylä
We welcome all colleagues, researchers and educators working in the field of molecular spectroscopy (methodology, theory, applications and imaging) to join this biennial international conference for interesting and entertaining discussions and experiences.
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ICESS 2022 — 15th International Conference on Electronic spectroscopy and structure
22 aou 2022 - 26 aou 2022 • Oulu, Finlande
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