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MLZ User Meeting 2022
08 dec 2022 - 09 dec 2022 • Munich, Allemagne
Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Zentrum (MLZ)
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15 sep 2022
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McPhase Micro Workshop in Venice, Italy
30 jan 2023 - 03 fév 2023 • Venise, Italie
McPhase Project
This workshop in Venice aims to bring together new Users of McPhase with experienced Scientists working in the field. The small number of participants allows to focus on individual research topics and discuss basic use and advanced simulation techniques.
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McPhase, Magnetism, Neutron Scattering, Standard Model of localised Magnetism, Magnetostriction, Crystal Fields, Atomic Magnetism, Magnetic Structures, Magnetic Interactions, Numerical Simulation
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HERCULES 2023 — HERCULES European School 2023: Neutrons & Synchrotron Radiation for Science
18 fév 2023 - 31 mar 2023 • Grenoble, France
HERCULES EUROPEAN SCHOOL is a five weeks course coordinated by the Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA). The school provides training for students, postdoctoral and senior scientists from European and non-European universities and laboratories, in the field of Neutrons, X-ray Synchrotron Radiation, and Free Electron Laser for condensed matter studies (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science, Geosciences, Industrial applications). Neutron and X-ray science is integrated with complementary techniques like (but not only) optical and electron microscopy, NMR, optical and THz spectroscopy.
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XXII GEM — The 22nd congress of the French Membrane Group
14 mar 2023 - 17 mar 2023 • Autrans, France
French Membrane Group (GEM)
GEM brings together researchers, biologists, biochemists, biophysicists, physicists and chemists interested in biological phenomena associated with membranes at all levels, from the organ to the molecule. The meeting will focus on the structure, dynamics and function of membranes and will be locally organised by researchers from different institutes situated in Grenoble where several well-known European and national research facilities are located.
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01 dec 2022
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Neutron and the X-ray Scattering in Materials Science symposium at the TMS 2023
19 mar 2023 - 23 mar 2023 • San Diego, Californie, États-Unis
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15 jul 2022
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ECNS 2023 — Eighth European Conference on Neutron Scattering,
20 mar 2023 - 23 mar 2023 • Garching, Allemagne
The conference will take place at TUM Department of Mechanical Engineering and the new Science Congress Center Munich - both located in the immediate vicinity of the MLZ at Garching. Between March 20th and 23rd, 2023, we are looking forward to four days of thrilling talks, pleasant posters, and decent discussions of the European neutron scattering community!
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Workshop RNTW03 — New tomographic methods using particles
15 mai 2023 - 19 mai 2023 • Cambridge , Royaume-Uni
Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences (INI)
This workshop will include experts on a wide range of emerging tomographic techniques using particles including muon and muon scattering tomography, proton tomography, electron tomography, emission tomography including emission tomography for radiographic dose estimation, Compton scattering tomography and neutron diffraction tomography. Most of these tomographic modalities are non-linear and involve measurement of more than intensities. They thus require sophisticated mathematical techniques for successful imaging and the goal is to match these emerging methods with mathematicians studying integral geometry, non-Abelian tomography, Bayesian inverse problems, regularisation and related areas in an attempt to spur interdisciplinary collaboration.
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Gordon Research Seminar — Neutron Scattering
24 jui 2023 - 25 jui 2023 • Ventura, CA, États-Unis
The objective of the 2023 GRS on neutron scattering is to bring together early-career neutron scientists, experimentalists and theorists from different communities of soft and condensed matter, with a wide range of scientific and technical expertise. A particular focus of the seminar will be the role of the neutron, as a powerful probe of multifunctional and sustainable materials, in addressing environmental societal challenges. The seminar targets exotic materials and couplings where neutron investigations of the structure and dynamics, in the bulk and at interfaces, reveal fundamental mechanisms leading to outstanding properties foreseen for immediate or future applications.
Realizing a Greener Future Using Neutron Techniques
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Gordon Research Conference — Neutron Scattering
25 jui 2023 - 30 jui 2023 • Ventura, CA, États-Unis
Neutron scattering has been used as a material’s probe since the first neutron experiments in the 1930’s. It is a versatile technique, with unique characteristics, that helps to ‘see into materials in a special way’. It is used to study materials in a wide range of areas and with a variety of applications, from biomaterials for medicine and agriculture, to energy materials for storage and tackling climate change, to structural materials under real-life conditions, to quantum materials for energy, information technology, and sensing applications. As such, neutron scattering methods are contributing to making our society more sustainable, to protecting the planet and to improving the lives of everyone everywhere, now and in the years to come. This GRC will showcase the role of neutron scattering in improving well-being and progressing society, specifically in helping tackle some of our current societal challenges.
Neutron Scattering for a Sustainable Society
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