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12 YRM — 12 Young Researcher Meeting
02 oct 2023 - 04 oct 2023 • Monte Porzio Catone, Italie
Astronomical Observatory of Rome
The Young Researcher Meeting (YRM) is a conference for students and young researchers, with the aim of promoting synergies among different branches of theoretical and experimental physics, through sharing methodologies and research techniques. The main purpose of the conference is to offer young scientists the opportunity to present their work as short talks or posters, thus encouraging new fruitful collaborations. Moreover, participants will have the chance to increase their visibility through the publication of their scientific results as proceedings of the conference.
Astrophysics, Cosmology, Theoretical Physics, Nuclear Physics, Matter Physics, Applied Physics
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Advanced Materials Safety 2023
08 nov 2023 - 10 nov 2023 • Saarbrücken, Allemagne
Leibniz Research Alliance Advanced Materials Safety
The conference „Advanced Materials Safety 2023” focuses on the impact of advanced materials on human health and the environment and appropriate design concepts supporting their safe and sustainable application. The hierarchical structure that characterizes advanced materials consists of micro- and/or nanostructured building blocks. Together with the wide range of possible compositions, this entails a complex risk potential that must be considered over their entire life cycle. The conference is therefore directed at researchers and stakeholders working in the relevant fields. Regulatory issues, safety communication and facilitation by means of research data handling will be highlighted.
Conference organizer;     Tél.: [+49 681 9300 272];     Email.:
Assembly and disassembly of safe advanced materials, Sustainable Approaches to advanced materials, Impact of advanced materials on human health, Advanced materials for safe therapeutic applications, Advanced materials in the environment,  Predicting effects of advanced materials by computational modeling
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The European Physical Society (EPS) Forum
25 mar 2024 - 27 mar 2024 • Berlin, Allemagne
The EPS Forum is a three-day international meeting of interest for all European researchers, PhD students and Post Docs who wish to be introduced to exciting research opportunities in large companies and start-ups, and encourage a dialogue with representatives of the industry sector.
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APS March Meeting 2026
16 mar 2026 - 20 mar 2026 • Denver, CO, États-Unis
American Physical Society (APS)
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