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ICPEAC 2021 — 32nd International Conference on Photonic, Electronic and Atomic Collisions
20 jul 2021 - 27 jul 2021 • Ottawa, Canada
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CCPQ Windsor2021 — 8th workshop on Dynamics of Complex Quantum Systems
26 jul 2021 - 29 jul 2021 • Windsor, Royaume-Uni
This workshop on the "Complex Quantum Systems: a quantum computing perspective" is to be held at Cumberland Lodge, 26th - 29th July 2021. Its aim is to bring together both experimentalists and theorists from across the UK and Europe working on realising, simulating and modelling complex quantum systems across atomic, molecular and condensed matter physics. The major focus will be on new mathematical and computational methods, the discussion of novel experimental result and the challenges of modelling them, and an over-arching theme of exploring how quantum computation can accelerate scientific computing in these domains.
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: cold atoms in optical lattices, quantum materials, superconductivity and superfluidity, nanomechanical oscillators in cavities, phase transitions, non-equilibrium dynamics, coherence and entanglement, environment engineering for small scale quantum technologies, novel architectures for quantum simulations and quantum computation. To complement this physics we also expect a wide variety of numerical methodologies, such as tensor network theory, dynamical mean-field theory, quantum Monte Carlo and electronic structure calculations to be represented. Discussion of potential near-future acceleration of these techniques using hybrid classical-quantum computational approaches will be a highlight of the workshop.
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IFAS7 - Indo-French Astronomy School - Spectroscopy: Treasures in the voxels
29 jul 2021 - 06 aou 2021 • Pune, Inde
EUCMOS 2020/2021 — 35th European Congress on Molecular Spectroscopy
15 aou 2021 - 19 aou 2021 • Jyväskylä, Finlande
University of Jyväskylä
We welcome all colleagues, researchers and educators working in the field of molecular spectroscopy (methodology, theory, applications and imaging) to join this biennial international conference for interesting and entertaining discussions and experiences.
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ICAVS 11 — 11th International Conference on Advanced Vibrational Spectroscopy
22 aou 2021 - 27 aou 2021 • Cracovie, Pologne
The conference is dedicated to advances in all areas of vibrational spectroscopy and is an opportunity to discuss and exchange cutting edge knowledge and ideas in vibrational spectroscopy.
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HITRAN Database Conference
25 aou 2021 - 27 aou 2021 • Reims, France
HITRAN is an acronym for high-resolution transmission molecular absorption database. HITRAN is a compilation of spectroscopic parameters that a variety of computer codes use to predict and simulate the transmission and emission of light in the atmosphere.
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MAF-17 — 17th Conference on Methods and Applications of Fluorescence
05 sep 2021 - 08 sep 2021 • Gothembourg, Suède
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HYPERFINE 2021 — International Conference on HYPERFINE Interactions and their Applications
05 sep 2021 - 10 sep 2021 • Brasov, Roumanie
National Institute for Materials Physics (NIMP)
HYPERFINE 2021 will be organized jointly with the International Conference on Applications of Mössbauer Effect ICAME 2021, by the National Institute for Materials Physics (NIMP).
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MUST2021 — The International Conference on Molecular Ultrafast Science and Technology
12 sep 2021 - 16 sep 2021 • Grindelwald, Suisse
MUST2021 is organized by the NCCR MUST, a Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research
MUST2021 is sponsored by the Swiss National Competence Center in Research on Molecular Ultrafast Science and Technology (NCCR MUST), an interdisciplinary research program launched by the Swiss National Science Foundation in 2010. The NCCR MUST brings together Swiss research groups working in Ultrafast Science Themes across the fields of physics, chemistry, material science and biology.
The conference will cover: Ultrafast spectroscopy and imaging in Solid State and Surface Physics in Molecular dynamics from Terahertz to X-ray Attosecond science Theory of ultrafast processes Femtochemistry Femtobiology and biophotonics
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DPG-Tagung der Sektion Atome, Moleküle, Quantenoptik und Plasmen
20 sep 2021 - 24 sep 2021 • Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, Allemagne
Jedes Jahr veranstaltet die DPG-(Frühjahrs)Tagungen an wechselnden Orten und Universitäten in Deutschland. Mit jährlich über 10.000 Teilnehmenden aus dem In- und Ausland gehören die DPG-(Frühjahrs)Tagungen regelmäßig zu den größten Physikkongressen Europas. Kernanliegen der DPG sind dabei der Wissenstransfer und die Nachwuchsförderung. Die DPG-(Frühjahrs)Tagungen sind deshalb auch eine wichtige Plattform für Studierende, auf der sie erstmals ihre Master- oder Diplomarbeitsthemen vortragen und mit Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftlern diskutieren können. Die umfassende Aufnahme von Vorträgen des wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchses in das Tagungsprogramm ist ein Alleinstellungsmerkmal der DPG-(Frühjahrs)Tagungen auch im internationalen Maßstab.
Atomic, Molecular, Plasma Physics and Quantum Optics Section (SAMOP) Atomic Physics (A) Mass Spectrometry (MS) Molecular Physics (MO) Quantum Optics and Photonics (Q) Working Group on Equal Opportunities (AKC) Working Group Young DPG
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Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy with Extremely Large Telescopes [postponed from 2020 to 20-24 September 2021]
20 sep 2021 - 24 sep 2021 • University of Oxford, Royaume-Uni
The forthcoming generation of Extremely Large Telescope (ELTs) will reach unprecedented spectroscopic sensitivity coupled with high angular resolution in the near infrared. This workshop will bring together the international astronomical community to explore the transformational science that the spectroscopic instrument suites of the ELTs (GMT, TMT and ELT) will achieve. High resolution simulations have played a key role in the development of the instrument science cases providing a quantifiable means to determine feasibility and to predict the scientific outcomes that can be achieved.
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Ecole Joliot-Curie "The interplay between the atomic electrons and the nucleus: traps, lasers, spectroscopy"
03 oct 2021 - 08 oct 2021 • Saint-Pierre d'Oléron, France
SfNIRS2021 — Society for Functional Near Infrared (SfNIRS) 6th Biennial Meeting
10 oct 2021 - 13 oct 2021 • Boston, Massachusetts, États-Unis
The theme of this meeting is the fNIRS future. We aim to establish the current state of the art, and from there identify knowledge gaps that should be addressed. We seek to identify advances in hardware, hybrid imaging modalities, data acquisition, image analysis, deep learning, and novel biomarkers, that can be used to create more powerful, more accurate, more sensitive, faster, and/or more quantitative fNIRS methods.
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NIR2021 — 20th International Conference on Near Infrared Spectroscopy
17 oct 2021 - 21 oct 2021 • Beijing – on-line, Chine
ICNIRS2021 will provide an international forum for scientists, engineers, and postgraduate students to exchange and discuss new ideas, new findings, and new technologies for NIR spectroscopy and related areas. The slogan of ICNIRS2021 in Beijing is“Sense the Real Change”, meaning that we will sense the various spectral information of NIR, the development of spectral theory and chemometrics, the enhanced performance of instruments and measurement accessories. We also hope that every participant can personally sense the real changes in China, including the historical charm and modern atmosphere. And you can feel the passion of Chinese near-infrared researchers for NIR spectroscopy.
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School of Solid State Physics: Dynamics of Electrons in Atomic and Molecular Nanoclusters
24 oct 2021 - 30 oct 2021 • Erice, Italie
Electron dynamics governs a wide range of important effects in nanoscience. Nanoclusters, as important testbed systems for exploring and developing quantum size effects, novel materials, and reaction pathways, exhibit a range of phenomena which are highly sensitive to electron mobility, response, transfer, emission and attachment, direct and exchange interactions, correlations, etc. The aim of the present workshop is to bring together researchers in adjacent fields in order to examine recent and future developments and to enhance the connection between different branches of research. To keep the discussion focused, it will concentrate on free clusters and related systems.
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ICG2021 — Italian Crystal Growth - Crystal Growth: From Theory to Application
16 dec 2021 - 17 dec 2021 • Turin, Italie
The aim of the Conference is to promote the meeting of researchers coming from public centers and industries to discuss problems related to the nucleation and growth of crystalline materials in natural, laboratory and industry environment. The Conference is open to subjects working in both experimental and theoretical fields concerning the crystal growth.
Fundamentals of nucleation and crystal growth: theory, modeling and experiments Epitaxy of inorganic materials: fundamentals and applications Organic based materials Crystallization for the industry Crystal growth in biology Crystal growth for environment and health
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PCSD 2022 — Pacific Conference on Spectroscopy and Dynamics
27 jan 2022 - 30 jan 2022 • San Diego, Californie, États-Unis
The Pacific Conference on Spectroscopy and Dynamics is an international forum exploring Molecular Spectroscopy, broadly interpreted, in both gas and condensed phases.
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ISPC25 — 25th International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry
15 mai 2022 - 20 mai 2022 • Kyoto, Japon
International Plasma Chemistry Society (IPCS)
The aim of this Symposium is to bring together leading experts, practitioners, and students working on plasma chemistry and to establish a relaxed and informal venue for intensive discussions on the latest discoveries and active exchange of new ideas among them. All papers presented in this Symposium should report new and unpublished work. As such, the Symposium will offer the participants a unique opportunity to gain comprehensive first-hand information on the latest developments in this field. The International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry (ISPC) is sponsored by the International Plasma Chemistry Society (IPCS), the largest international not-for-profit professional society specializing in plasma chemistry.
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CSI XLII — Colloquium Spectroscopicum Internationale XLII
30 mai 2022 - 03 jui 2022 • Gijon, Espagne
The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers from all over the world working in the field of spectroscopy. The scientific program will focus on current advances in the research of different spectroscopic methods and their interdisciplinary applications. Scientists, engineers, students, and professionals will discuss, exchange ideas, foster interaction between industry and academy through building multidisciplinary linkages, and disseminate the most recent advancements in the field.
Atomic and Plasma Spectrometry (AAS, AFS, ICP OES, ICP-MS, GD, etc.) • Molecular Spectrometry (UV-Vis, Raman, NMR, IR, etc.) • Organic and inorganic Mass Spectrometry (TIMS, MALDI, LC-MS, GC-MS, etc.) • Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy • X-ray spectrometry (XRF, XRD, XANES, etc.) • Laser Spectroscopy • Nuclear Techniques (Mösbauer Spectroscopy, Gamma Spectroscopy, etc.) • Photoacoustic Spectroscopy • Hyphenated Techniques, speciation analysis, metallomics, proteomics. • Sample introduction systems • Computational Spectroscopy • Imaging Techniques • Methods of surface analysis and depth profiling • Nanospectrocopy
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10th Nordic Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry
07 jui 2022 - 10 jui 2022 • Loen, Norvège
Analytical Section of the Norwegian Chemical Society
The Analytical Section of the Norwegian Chemical Society invites scientists and users of science to this Nordic Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry. By contrast to other plasma spectrochemistry meetings, the FREE short courses (2 hours duration) will be offered to all participants during the four day meeting which may be very attractive to participants to learn about and to be updated on plasma spectrochemistry. We are planning to organise 14 short courses, two or three in parallel each day , as part of the conference. This concept is meant to stimulate Nordic users of plasma based techniques to learn more about theoretical and practical issues as well as obtain specialists recommendations for methods improvements. Thus, these short courses are also a unique opportunity for laboratory engineers to be updated.
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Gordon Research Seminar — Multiphoton Processes
11 jui 2022 - 12 jui 2022 • Bryant University, Smithfield, États-Unis
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Gordon Research Conference — Multiphoton Processes
12 jui 2022 - 17 jui 2022 • Bryant University, Smithfield, États-Unis
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IMAMPC — 11th International Meeting on Atomic and Moleular Physics and Chemistry
13 jui 2022 - 17 jui 2022 • Prague, République tchèque
J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences
The meeting gathers together researchers from both theory and experiment in the wide area of atomic and molecular physics and chemistry enabling novel directions in research and collaborations. The main focus of the meeting is to promote young researchers and interdisciplinarity.
Quantum Gases, Isolated Molecules, Biomolecules, Clusters, Nanostructures, Laser-Matter Interactions
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ECAMP14 — 14th European Conference on Atoms Molecules and Photons
27 jui 2022 - 01 jul 2022 • Vilnius, Lituanie
ECAMP is a tri-annual conference series; it is the official conference organized by the Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Division (AMOPD) of the European Physical Society (EPS). It started in 1982 and recent editions took place in Salamanca, Spain 2010, Aarhus, Denmark 2013, Frankfurt, Germany 2016, and Florence, Italy 2019. The International Scientific Programme Committee consists of the board of the Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics Division (AMOPD) of the European Physical Society (EPS). ECAMP typically attracts 400 -700 participants.
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Gordon Research Seminar — Computational Chemistry
16 jul 2022 - 17 jul 2022 • Castelldefels, Espagne
ICAP 2022 — 27th International Conference on Atomic Physics
17 jul 2022 - 22 jul 2022 • Toronto, Canada
Properties and dynamics of neutral or charged atoms and molecules Many-body physics of quantum gases Quantum computation and communication Quantum simulation Fundamental tests and precision measurements Quantum optics in both AMO systems and beyond, such as superconducting qubits Intense fields and ultrafast science Rydberg and artificial atoms and molecules Atomic clocks and quantum metrology Cold molecules Out-of-equilibrium quantum systems Applications of AMO physics to technology
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Gordon Research Conference — Computational Chemistry
17 jul 2022 - 22 jul 2022 • Castelldefels, Espagne
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Gordon Research Seminar — Vibrational Spectroscopy
30 jul 2022 - 31 jul 2022 • Bryant University, Smithfield, États-Unis
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Gordon Research Conference — Vibrational Spectroscopy
31 jul 2022 - 05 aou 2022 • Bryant University, Smithfield, États-Unis
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13th International Conference Series on Laser-Light and Interactions with Particles
21 aou 2022 - 26 aou 2022 • Varsovie, Pologne
Institute of Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IF-PAS)
The conference is focused on interactions between laser beams and particles, from theory to practice.
particle characterization methods (interferometric, holographic, polarimetric, spectral, static, dynamic, ...), - near-field, far-field and time-resolved scattering, - plasmonics and other resonances, - complex shaped particles and aggregates, - multiple scattering and random media (dense, turbulent, ...) - mechanical effects of light (particle manipulation, force measurement, optical tweezer, ...) - laser beams description
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TCP 2022 — 8th International Conference on Trapped Charged Particles and Fundamental Physics 2022
25 sep 2022 - 30 sep 2022 • Glashütten, Allemagne
Fundamental Interactions and Symmetries, QED Effects, Quantum State Manipulation and Quantum Information, Precision Spectroscopy and Frequency Standards, Highly Charged Ions in Traps, Radioactive Isotopes in Traps, Plasmas and Collective Behavior, Storage Ring Physics, Trapped Antimatter, Applications of Charged Particle Trapping
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