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SPIE AL22 — SPIE Advanced Lithography + Patterning 2022
27 fév 2022 - 03 mar 2022 • San Jose, États-Unis
SPIE - The international society for optics and photonics
SPIE Advanced Lithography + Patterning is the leading global lithography event. Attend the meeting for optical and EUV lithography, patterning technologies, metrology, and process integration for semiconductor manufacturing and adjacent applications. Hear the latest advancements where leaders come to solve challenges in lithography, patterning technologies, and materials for the semiconductor industry. SPIE Advanced Lithography + Patterning draws more than 2,000 attendees, 50 exhibitors, and 500 technical papers representing the most talented researchers and managers working in the lithography industry. Leading experts offer courses that will keep you and your team current.
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Lithography, Semiconductors, Metrology, Semiconductor, Patterning, Etch, Optical Lithography, EUV, EUVL
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Gordon Research Conference — Unconventional Semiconductors and Their Applications
12 jui 2022 - 17 jui 2022 • Ventura, États-Unis
Gordon Research Seminar — Colloidal Semiconductor Nanocrystals
02 jul 2022 - 03 jul 2022 • Les Diablerets, Suisse
Gordon Research Conference — Colloidal Semiconductor Nanocrystals
03 jul 2022 - 08 jul 2022 • Les Diablerets, Suisse
Faraday Discussion — Emerging inorganic materials in thin-film photovoltaics
04 jul 2022 - 06 jul 2022 • Bath, or online, Royaume-Uni
The Royal Society of Chemistry
This Discussion will focus on the next generation of inorganic thin-film solar cells based on Earth abundant non-toxic materials. The meeting is for all researchers working on inorganic materials for thin-film photovoltaics including established and early-career scientists, post-graduate students and industrial researchers. Oral and poster presentation opportunities are available to all these groups, and I invite you to submit an oral or poster abstract to make your contribution alongside leaders in the field.
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25 avr 2022
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Incubator on On-Chip High-Field Nanophotonics
06 jul 2022 - 08 jul 2022 • Washington, DC, États-Unis
Optica, formerly OSA
The On-Chip High-Field Nanophotonics Incubator will explore scientific and technological opportunities at the confluence of nanophotonics and high-field femtosecond to attosecond physics. It will address how, and if, nanostructured solids can be utilized to explore the rich physical landscape of high-field nonlinearities, characterized by the emission of high harmonics and controlled generation of free carriers and petahertz currents.
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ICMOVPE XX — 20th International Conference on Metal Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy
10 jul 2022 - 15 jul 2022 • Stuttgart, Allemagne
IHFG, University of Stuttgart
The 20th International Conference on Metal Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy (ICMOVPE XX) will present the latest advances in science, technology and applications of MOVPE and related growth techniques. The conference will take place in Stuttgart, Germany from July 10 to July 15, 2022.
Fundamental Studies and Modelling of Epitaxial Processes III-V Semiconductors and Devices (Nitrides, Arsenides, Phosphides, Antimonides, Bismites etc.) II-VI Materials and Devices (CdTe, ZnO, ZnSe, ZnS, MCT, etc.) IV-IV Materials and Devices (SiC, SiGe, GeSn, etc.) Semiconducting Oxides and Epitaxial Dielectrics (TCO, Ga2O3, SnO2, etc.) High-Temperature Superconductive Materials 2D Materials and van der Waals Heterostructures Heteroepitaxy of Mismatched Alloys and III-Vs on Si Low-dimensional Structures (Nanowires, -dots) Patterned Growth and Selective Area Epitaxy Atomic Layer Deposition and Epitaxy In-Situ Monitoring, Process Control and Reactor Modeling Nano-scale Characterization and Other Techniques Growth for Energy Technology (Solid State Lighting, Photovoltaics, Power Devices, Thermoelectrics, etc.) Equipment, Safety, Environmental and Production Issues including low-cost MOVPE
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01 mar 2022
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Gordon Research Seminar — Defects in Semiconductors
13 aou 2022 - 14 aou 2022 • Colby-Sawyer College, New London, États-Unis
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Gordon Research Conference — Defects in Semiconductors
14 aou 2022 - 19 aou 2022 • Colby-Sawyer College, New London, États-Unis
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19th International Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials (ICSCRM 2021)
11 sep 2022 - 16 sep 2022 • Davos, Suisse
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ISLC 2022 — 28th International Semiconductor Laser Conference
16 oct 2022 - 19 oct 2022 • Matsue, Japon
It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the 28th International Semiconductor Laser Conference (ISLC), which will take place in Matsue Japan. The ISLC has the tradition of more than 50 years, running single session format, providing an opportunity to all participants with fruitful discussions not only during the sessions but also during the conference periods. October in Japan is a good season to enjoy the beautiful scenery and food. We hope you enjoy the beautiful and historical city of Matsue.
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16 mai 2022
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IWBNS-XI — International Workshop on Bulk Nitride Semiconductors – XI
16 oct 2022 - 21 oct 2022 • Lehigh Valley, PA, États-Unis
This workshop will bring together leading scientists and engineers from around the world who are experts and working on the frontiers of wide bandgap materials and device research and development. Leading experts will present their recent achievements in the field of bulk nitride growth, controlling their properties and integrating these materials into optoelectronic or electronic devices and applications.
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01 mai 2022
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SEMICON Europa 2022 (co-located with electronica).
15 nov 2022 - 18 nov 2022 • Munich, Allemagne
This year SEMICON Europa will be co-located with productronica in Munich, Germany creating the strongest single event for electronics manufacturing in Europe, and broadening the range of attendees across the electronics chain.
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