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ICALECPS 2021 — 18th International Conference on Accelerator and Large Experimental Physics Control Systems
18 oct 2021 - 22 oct 2021 • Shanghai – virtual, Chine
This series of conferences facilitates fruitful collaborations among the world´s control system specialists from major scientific installations, such as particle accelerators, light sources, laser facilities, telescopes, tokamaks, etc. ICALECPS 2021 is hosted by Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, which is the photon science center of China, operating two large scale facilities: SSRF and SXFEL (commissioning). SSRF is the first 3rd generation synchrotron light source in China, which gives priority to original fundamental research, applied research with important application prospects and high-tech development to improve technical innovation. SXFEL is the first X-Ray free-electron laser user facility in China. It is based on a 1.5 GeV normal conducting high gradient C-band linac and contains two FEL beamline, a seeded FEL beamline and a SASE beamline, and five experimental stations.
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Pre-PAC Workshop for the AGATA physics campaign at LNL
08 nov 2021 - 12 nov 2021 • Legnaro (Padua), Italie
Legnaro National Laboratories (LNL)
The aim of the workshop is to assist the spokespersons in putting the strongest cases for their proposals forward through a discussion of the physics to be investigated, and to assess the feasibility of the experiments they intend to propose. This includes all experiments planning to use stable beams from the Tandem-ALPI-PIAVE complex for studies involving AGATA in a possible combination with PRISMA and/or ancillary detectors that are compatible with PRISMA. All such proposals will have to be discussed at this workshop before being submitted to the LNL PAC. This is to ascertain feasibility and to avoid overlaps.
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FUSION21 — 8th International Conference on Heavy-Ion Collisions at Near-barrier Energies
14 nov 2021 - 21 nov 2021 • Shizuoka, Japon
Fusion dynamics, Superheavy elements: synthesis methods, structure, and chemistry, Fission and quasi-fission dynamics, Transfer reactions and deep-inelastic collisions, Near-barrier collisions with weakly bound and unstable nuclei, Tunneling: deep sub-barrier fusion and spontaneous fission, Nuclear reactions relevant to astrophysics: fusion, fission, and transfer, Accelerators and instrumentation for reactions around the barrier, Theoretical developments in fusion and large amplitude collective motions
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AfLS3 — The Third African Synchrotron Light Source Conference (AfLS3) : towards a brighter future
15 nov 2021 - 20 nov 2021 • Kigali, Rwanda
AccApp'21 — 14th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Applications of Accelerators
30 nov 2021 - 04 dec 2021 • Washington DC, États-Unis
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Thirteenth BESSYII@HZB User Meeting
08 dec 2021 - 10 dec 2021 • Berlin, Allemagne
Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie
With the series of annual user meetings we bring together our user community to intensify scientific exchange and stimulating new collaborations. The meetings will provide an overview of the many exciting and inspiring research results obtained at our facility in the past year. A keynote lecture, plenary talks, discussions, a public lecture and a poster session will provide vast possibilities of information and discussion.
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PPC SOFE 2021 — IEEE Pulsed Power Conference & Symposium on Fusion Engineering
12 dec 2021 - 16 dec 2021 • Denver, Colorado, États-Unis
IEEE Pulsed Power Conference & Symposium on Fusion Engineering – PPC SOFE 2019 SOFE, the 23rd IEEE Pulsed Power Conference (PPC) and the 30th IEEE Symposium on Fusion Engineering (SOFE) will be co-located, 12-16 December, 2021, in Denver, Colorado USA.

While these two conferences have distinct technical programs, by co-locating them at a common venue, we hope to provide enhanced opportunities for social and technical interaction between these communities. The conferences will encompass a wide range of technical activities, and we hope to offer two excellent meetings providing some of the latest results in these technical areas.

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User Information Workshop for the SLS 2.0
28 fév 2022 • virtual, Suisse
Swiss Light Source (SLS)
In the webinar, the user community of the SLS will be provided with information and the timeline about the machine upgrade and the beamline upgrades and portfolio, including IT aspects. The webinar will finish with a roundtable discussion, where users will have the opportunity to ask specific questions and voice their own wishes.
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NUSTAR Annual Meeting 2022
28 fév 2022 - 04 mar 2022 • GSI, Darmstadt, Allemagne
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FLS 2022 — 61th ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop on Future Light Sources
20 mar 2022 - 25 mar 2022 • Lucerne, Suisse
FLS 2022 is hosted by the Paul Scherrer Institute.
In the spirit of the FLS workshop series, FLS 2022 will bring together worldwide scientists to exchange ideas and best practices about accelerator based light sources, their new development trends and related key technologies. The workshop program will consist of plenary talks and working group sessions. The working groups will include linac-based light sources, ring-based light sources, compact light sources and key technologies.
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12th Course of the International School of Radiation Damage and Protection — Challenges in Radiation Damage and Radiation Protection during Design and Operation of Accelerator Facilities and Space Missions
09 avr 2022 - 16 avr 2022 • Erice, Sicily, Italie
The 12th Course of the International School of Radiation Damage and Protection will be held at "Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture" in Erice (Sicily), Italy, from the 9th April until the 16th April 2022. The objective of this course is to update the knowledge of both professionals and newcomers in the field of radiation damage and activation of accelerator components. It gives a summary of fundamental quantities and concepts and provides an overview on computational and experimental methods for the assessment of radiation damage of materials and electronics, as well as activation properties of construction materials. The course puts also emphasis on applications and lessons learned at high-energy accelerators, experiments and high power target facilities. Moreover, it addresses synergies with other areas such as light sources and space radiation applications.
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03 mai 2022 - 06 mai 2022 • Madrid, Espagne
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Channeling 2022 — 9th International Conference "Charged & Neutral Particles Channeling Phenomena"
05 jui 2022 - 10 jui 2022 • Riccione, Italie
Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN), the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI
The scope of the "Channeling" meeting is to attract the attention of researchers from many world laboratories specialising in accelerator physics, in radiation and nuclear physics, in materials science, biology and medicine to the research on both relativistic particles and radiations interactions in strong electromagnetic fields that results in various applications on advanced accelerator as well as radiation physics.

Channeling 2021 will host a mini-Workshop "Advanced Accelerator Techniques and Beams Channeling"

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DREB 2022 — 11th international conference on Direct Reactions with Exotic Beams
27 jui 2022 - 01 jul 2022 • Santiago de Compostela, Espagne
Nuclear astrophysics, Spectroscopy of exotic nuclei, drip-line and unbound nuclei , Nuclear force. Short-range correlations , Advances in direct reaction theory , New instrumentation for direct reaction studies , Ab-initio methods for structure and reactions , Clustering phenomena probed by nuclear reactions
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NA-PAC — North American Particle Accelerator Conference
07 aou 2022 - 12 aou 2022 • Albuquerque, NM, États-Unis
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LINAC2022 — 31st Linear Accelerator Conference
28 aou 2022 - 02 sep 2022 • Liverpool, Royaume-Uni
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INTDS 2022 — 30th Conference of the International Nuclear Target Development Society
25 sep 2022 - 30 sep 2022 • Paul Scherrer Institut Villigen PSI, Suisse
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ARIS 2023 — 4th International Conference on Advances in Radioactive Isotope Science
04 jui 2023 - 09 jui 2023 • Avignon, France
ARIS is the flagship conference for rare isotope science, born from a merger of the international conferences ‘Exotic Nuclei and Atomic Masses (ENAM)’ and ‘Radioactive Nuclear Beams (RNB)’. Following the tradition of the ARIS meetings in 2011 (Leuven), 2014 (Tokyo), and 2017 (Keystone), ARIS 2023 will facilitate vibrant exchange through a scientific program highlighting the most recent experimental and theoretical work
Nuclear structure and reactions, New approaches in nuclear theory, Nuclear astrophysics including nucleosynthesis and compact objects, Ground-state properties and fundamental interactions in nuclei, Drip-line nuclei, heavy elements and fission, Radioactive ion beam production and experimental developments, Applications of radioisotopes in medicine and other fields
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