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Workshop: From controlling quantum systems to new physics discoveries
06. Dez 2021 - 10. Dez 2021 • Garching, Deutschland
Particle & AMO Physicists Discussing Quantum Sensors and New Physics
06. Dez 2021 - 17. Dez 2021 • Garching, Deutschland
MIAPP - Munich Institute for Astro- and Particle Physics
In the last decade or so quantum technologies have made tremendous progress, from redefining the second to establishing quantum supremacy. This unequalled ability to control quantum systems leads to a potential to make measurements with unprecedented accuracy. Quantum technologies have already been at play in various fronts such as the observation of gravitational waves and in searches for CP violation by bounding the electric dipole moments of the electron and the neutron. At the same time, the field of particle physics, given its primary objective to decipher the fundamental laws of nature, is in a critical junction.
SRI 2021 — 14th International Conference on Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation
28. Mär 2022 - 01. Apr 2022 • Hamburg, Deutschland
After nearly 40 years, the SRI will return to Hamburg where the first meeting was held in 1982. At that time DORIS was the only operating synchrotron source in Hamburg. The metropolitan area now hosts three unique research facilities: the European XFEL, PETRA III and FLASH at DESY. These three facilities complement each other and open up new research opportunities for scientists and industrial users of the international synchrotron radiation and free-electron laser community. Hamburg is once again ideally suited to be the venue of the next SRI conference.
28. Mär 2022 - 01. Apr 2022 • Jena, Deutschland
SMiRT 26 - 26th International Conference on Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology
10. Jun 2022 - 15. Jul 2022 • Berlin, Deutschland
German Society for Non-Destructive Testing
September 20, 2021 marks the 50th anniversary of Thomas Jaeger’s opening of SMiRT 1 in Berlin. Remembering that date, we posted the above video message for your kind consideration. We hope all this will motivate you to join us from July 10 through 15, 2022 for SMiRT 26 as the next in-person conference in the long SMiRT tradition and make it a memorable conference under the motto “Building the future on 50 Years of experience – It’s SMiRT to embrace change”. Join the discussions during the conference, share state of the art developments, scientific and technological innovations, and present your company to the audience.
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26. Sep 2021
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