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Speakable and Unspeakable in Quantum Gravity
13. Mai 2024 - 31. Mai 2024 • Saclay, Frankreich
Institut Pascal, Saclay
The broad goal of this program is to advance our understanding of quantum gravity starting from nothing more than basic physical principles, such as unitarity, symmetry and causality, by harnessing the AdS/CFT Correspondence and the bootstrap approach of large N conformal field theories. With attention to the question of possible uniqueness of string theory among putative theories of quantum gravity, it is in this holographic sense that we will explore the ''Speakable and Unspeakable in Quantum Gravity'': what features of quantum gravity can be rigorously defined by way of AdS/CFT, and leveraged to classify the space of theories that actually exist? This program will place extra emphasis on low-dimensional holography, which sharpens both the physical puzzles and the mathematical tools used to solve them.
Black-Hole Microstructure VI
10. Jun 2024 - 14. Jun 2024 • IPhT, CEA Saclay, Frankreich
The microscopic description of black holes has been a challenge for more that forty years. There are now quite a number of promising approaches to solving this problem and the primary goal of this conference and workshop is to bring together experts in these areas to identify synergies, engage in constructive criticism and resolve apparent conflicts. A significant focus will be the dynamics of black-hole microstructure: how infalling matter is scrambled and how information is recovered.
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3rd Rencontre PhyNuBE: Fission and Nuclear Astrophysics
06. Okt 2024 - 11. Okt 2024 • Oléron, Frankreich
The PhyNuBe scientific meetings are intended to gather and educate students and senior scientists around major scientific topics of our field, as well as reinforcing links between theory and experiment and encouraging cross-fertilize activities.
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