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Les Houches School of Physics — Cloud Academy II
06 mar 2022 - 18 mar 2022 • Les Houches l’Ecole de Physique, France
Clouds and hazes form in nearly every type of planetary atmospheres. They fundamentally impact the atmospheric structure and spectra of exoplanets and even influence their habitability. Intensive observing efforts have generated an abundance of data on clouds and hazes in exoplanets but modeling expertise in the community has lagged. This school will focus on physical models for cloud and haze formation in planetary atmospheres in different radiation environments, and include reviews on exoplanet observations and laboratory studies.
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Large-Volume Spectroscopic Analyses of AGN and Star Forming Galaxies in the Era of JWST
04 avr 2022 - 07 avr 2022 • Nice, France
Massive spectroscopic datasets, in the form of IFU datacubes and large surveys consisting of thousands of spectra, have begun to stream into archives on a daily basis, and will soon include observations from NIRSpec and MIRI aboard JWST. Creating and testing spectroscopic analysis tools can be expensive to astronomers, requiring large amounts of development time for a task that may have already been developed elsewhere in the scientific community. We present the Space Telescope Science Institute’s Spring 2022 Science Workshop, dedicated to discussing what tools astronomers currently use to analyze large numbers of complex spectroscopic data in AGN and star-forming galaxies and how users can apply these tools for analysis to their own (potentially non-AGN/galaxy related) data. The workshop will also help users scale the sometimes daunting initial learning curve by connecting them with the tool's designers or expert users.
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07 jan 2022
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From galaxies to cosmology with deep spectroscopic surveys -- A tribute to Olivier Le Fèvre
04 jul 2022 - 08 jul 2022 • Marseille, France
For four decades, wide and deep spectroscopic surveys have been a major tool for extragalactic studies. From precursor surveys with a few hundred galaxies (such as the CFRS in the 1990s) to current projects aimed at collecting several million z>1 redshifts (such as Euclid, PFS), several generations of increasingly deep and massive spectroscopic surveys have revolutionised our understanding of the universe. They have enabled detailed studies, on statistically significant samples, of galaxy evolution processes such as star formation, mass assembly, merging and interaction with the environment in a cosmological context. Advances in instrumentation have pushed observational limits, now allowing us to probe the epoch of reionization with unprecedented large samples of objects. With the current generation of large spectroscopic surveys about to begin, we are now entering the era of precision cosmology. These surveys will profoundly improve our understanding of dark matter, dark energy and of the detailed physics of galaxies in relation to their local (circumgalactic) and large-scale intergalactic environments. Olivier Le Fèvre has pioneered, led and tirelessly promoted several of the largest spectroscopic surveys to date. He has been at the forefront of these scientific topics for decades. This conference is a tribute to his legacy.
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