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MMM 2023 — 68th Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
30 oct 2023 - 03 nov 2023 • Dallas, TX, États-Unis
IEEE Magnetics Society
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Advanced Soft Magnets and Magnetocaloric Materials: An FMD Symposium in Honor of Victorino Franco
03 mar 2024 - 07 mar 2024 • Orlando, FL, États-Unis
The need to develop a decarbonized economy to curb human-caused climate change has been reflected through several international agreements. Advanced magnetic materials are key components in many applications that are critical to the development of such an economy where environmentally benign supply chains and product lifecycles have high value. Soft magnets are widely used in efficient electrical power conversion devices and magnetocaloric materials promise to enable the next generation of refrigeration systems. This honorary symposium will cover several aspects of soft magnets and magnetocaloric materials, from novel material design to prototyping and validation. Fundamental aspects of these magnetic materials in single-crystal, bulk, thin film and powdered forms will be discussed, as well as their applicability in multi-component power conversion devices from an engineering standpoint. Industrial and instrumental applications will also be discussed.
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ICMM2024 — 8th International Conference on Microwave Magnetics
16 jui 2024 - 19 jui 2024 • Rochester, MI, États-Unis
The international conference on microwave magnetics 2024 will take place on June 16 - 19, 2024 at Oakland University in Rochester Michigan. The conference will cover new developments in all areas of fundamental and applied microwave magnetics.
Magnetization Dynamics and Relaxation, High Frequency Magnetic Materials, RF and Microwave Integrated Devices, Magnons, Spin Waves & Spintronics, Nonlinear Phenomena
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15 fév 2024
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ASC 2024 — Applied Superconductivity Conference 2024
01 sep 2024 - 06 sep 2024 • Salt Lake City, Utah , États-Unis
IEEE CSC Council on Superconductivity
The mission of the ASC is to promote exploration, learning, and the exchange of scientific and technical ideas, breakthroughs and accomplishments, and to provide an array of educational and interactive forums and events. The ASC engages this vision on a variety of fronts, including the Applied Superconductivity Conference (the flagship, international conference on applied superconductivity), ELEVATE (our new integrated thrust to promote educational opportunities, professional & leadership development, and outreach between our scientific community and society) and the Applied Superconductivity Educational Foundation (the non-profit organization that underpins all the ASC efforts).
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MMM-Intermag 2025 — 16th Joint MMM-Intermag Conference
13 jan 2025 - 17 jan 2025 • New Orleans, LA, États-Unis
MMM 2025 — 70th Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
27 oct 2025 - 31 oct 2025 • Palm Beach, FL, États-Unis
IEEE Magnetics Society
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