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Modeling room acoustics for audio immersion in eXtended reality applications
03 May 2023 • Webinar, Any Location (virtual event)
The UK Acoustics Network
Sound plays an important role in immersion when consuming content in eXtended reality (AR/VR). Modeling the acoustics of the virtual/real space one occupies is a key element in engagement and immersion. Multichannel spatial content must be adapted to mimic the acoustics of a space, and rendered binaurally over headphones. This talk will focus on modeling late reverberation for AR/VR, and discuss the optimum techniques for different scenarios with a focus on low-latency, real-time methods that provide perceptual plausibility. Particular focus will be given to delay-network based parametric reverberators that can be tuned to emulate a space and can be run in real-time.
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Aeroacoustics Webinar — Installed Jet Noise
17 May 2023 • Webinar, Any Location (virtual event)
UKAN+ Aeroacoustics SIG
The Aeroacoustics SIG is happy to welcome Dr Zhong-Nan Wang to present a webinar on Installed Jet Noise. The webinar will be held on the 17th of May, 1300.

Jet noise can be significantly amplified when placed close to a solid surface. This scenario occurs when a jet engine is installed near an aircraft wing. The pursuit of higher propulsion efficiency is achieved as ever by enlarging the engine bypass ratio, leading to an increasing engine diameter. The engine becomes even closer to the wing, leading to significant interactions between them and hence noise amplification. This talk will be focused on providing insight into the noise sources of closely installed jets based on high-fidelity eddy-resolving simulation and its associated data-driven analysis, from canonical to industrially relevant cases. Control strategies are further explored based on understanding noise sources to better reduce noise at the source.

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