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PIXE 2021 — 17th International Conference on Particle Induced X-ray Emission
09 Oct 2021 - 15 Oct 2021 • Toyama, Japan
With a long tradition of being the international scientific meeting, the PIXE conference is a biennial event to discuss recent outcomes and exchange new ideas with future prospects in particle induced X-ray spectrometry. The conference will cover from advancements in fundamental understanding of X-ray spectrometry to new applications in different research area including biology, medicine, environmental and geological sciences, cultural heritage, materials research, toxicological and forensics, as well as new horizon in interdisciplinary area.

The PIXE2021 theme “Ion Beam Application and Technique 5.0” aims to emphasize expanding potential of PIXE to be combined with other ion beam analysis techniques to open new era.

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IBA-2021 — 25th International Conference on Ion Beam Analysis
09 Oct 2021 - 15 Oct 2021 • Toyama, Japan
The conference will provide a forum for colleagues from both academia and industries throughout the world to exchange results and new ideas on Ion Beam Analysis and related techniques. The conference will cover advancements of scientific knowledge from fundamental understanding to new applications. Discussion on present possibilities and future developments of the technique, in view of the future requirements coming from technology and basic research, will be particularly solicited also with dedicated discussion sessions.

As in past conferences, the conference will also be preceded by one day of tutorials and a welcome reception.

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FUSION21 — 8th International Conference on Heavy-Ion Collisions at Near-barrier Energies
14 Nov 2021 - 21 Nov 2021 • Shizuoka, Japan
Fusion dynamics, Superheavy elements: synthesis methods, structure, and chemistry, Fission and quasi-fission dynamics, Transfer reactions and deep-inelastic collisions, Near-barrier collisions with weakly bound and unstable nuclei, Tunneling: deep sub-barrier fusion and spontaneous fission, Nuclear reactions relevant to astrophysics: fusion, fission, and transfer, Accelerators and instrumentation for reactions around the barrier, Theoretical developments in fusion and large amplitude collective motions
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