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IUCr 2023 XAFS workshop — X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure (XAFS) Workshop
21 aou 2023 • Melbourne, Australie
This workshop is intended to be an introduction to X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy principles and techniques for crystallographers with tutorials and hand-on-training session on data analysis. The talks will be delivered by experienced XAFS professionals from all over the world and will include basic principles of the technique, basic and advanced data analysis techniques and examples of application of XAFS technique in several cutting-edge research areas of physical science, material and chemical sciences.
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Raw diffraction data reuse: the good, the bad and the challenging
22 aou 2023 • Melbourne, Australie
International Union of Crystallography | Commission on Mathematical and Theoretical Crystallography (IUCr)
A major effort of the IUCr Diffraction Data Deposition Working Group (2011 to 2017) and now the IUCr Committee on Data since 2017 has been exploring the practicalities, the costs and benefits, and the opportunities for new crystallographic science arising from large-capacity data archives that have become available. We think it timely to hold a full-day workshop aimed at: (1) discussing current practices in raw data archival and sharing, (2) educating those who generate and deal in crystallographic data on best practices in data reuse in various categories of crystallographic science by leading experts, (3) offering a summing up, including the role of IUCrData’s new Raw Data Letters. We expect attendees to learn about the opportunities for raw data reuse, including the use of raw data as test data sets for machine learning, and to achieve an understanding of how to effectively archive their own raw data to maximise the potential for data sharing and reuse in the future. This workshop will explore in detail the successes and challenges in practice of raw data sharing and reuse. Being a full day, it will complement the proposed microsymposium on "Raw diffraction data reuse: warts and all" in the Congress itself; most importantly the microsymposium will allow for the usual submission of up to four abstracts from anywhere in the world whereas the workshop is principally made up of invited speakers. Furthermore, the microsymposium will highlight the importance of databases. Of the workshop and the microsymposium the proposed keynote on the "European Photon and Neutron Open Science Cloud" (by Andy Götz of ESRF) is the major highlight, making it the world leading effort of this consortium of more than ten European synchrotron and X-ray laser radiation sources with raw data management and sharing.
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IUCR-2023 — Congress and General Assemble of the International Union of Crystallography
22 aou 2023 - 29 aou 2023 • Melbourne, Australie
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21 nov 2022
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X-ray ptychography microsymposium at the IUCr 2023 Congress
23 aou 2023 - 29 aou 2023 • Melbourne, Australie
In this meeting, we intend to bring together X-ray ptychography experts and users to discuss applications and future developments of X-ray ptychography.
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