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31st Annual Meeting of the German Crystallographic Society
27 mar 2023 - 30 mar 2023 • Francfort, Allemagne
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HZB Photon School 2023
27 mar 2023 - 31 mar 2023 • Berlin – online, Allemagne
HZB – Helmholz Zentrum Berlin
The program is aimed primarily at master students and other early stage researchers in physics, chemistry, materials science, engineering, and life or environmental sciences. Students will be introduced to advanced synchrotron- and laboratory-based photon science methods that probe the physical, chemical, and electronic structures of materials as well as the function and dynamics of complex material systems. The basic and specialized lectures are given by experienced teachers who are HZB scientists or BESSY II super-users from our partner universities and research centers.
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DAPHNE4NFDI Annual Meeting
04 avr 2023 - 05 avr 2023 • Hambourg, Allemagne
DAten aus PHotonen und Neutronen Experimenten (DAPHNE)
Um den Herausforderungen im Bereich Daten-, Metadatenmanagement und hoher Datenraten zu begegnen, werden Lösungen für herausragende wissenschaftliche Experimente gemeinsam mit der Nutzungsgemeinschaft erarbeitet.
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8th European Crystallography School 2023
18 jui 2023 - 24 jui 2023 • Berlin, Allemagne
HZB – Helmholz Zentrum Berlin
The school will be directed to undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and young scientists from different fields (biology, biochemistry, chemistry, material science, physics, etc. ) who are eager to learn more about the possibilities of crystallography. Fundamental lectures will be taught during the mornings. Afternoons will be dedicated to lectures on applications and hands-on tutorials.
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TXRF 2023 — 19th International Conference on Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence Analysis and Related Methods
05 sep 2023 - 08 sep 2023 • Clausthal, Allemagne
Clausthal University of Technology, Germany
The biannual TXRF conference is a forum for experts and users of TXRF and related techniques. The scope is to jointly present and discuss recent advances, latest research and new perspectives in different fields of TXRF from the fundamentals to the applications. As previous editions, the TXRF 2023 will bring together scientists, end-users and manufacturers, being an excellent platform for networking and exchange.
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JCNS Workshop 2023 — Trends and Perspectives in Neutron Scattering: Future Instruments at Pulsed Sources
09 oct 2023 - 12 oct 2023 • Tutzing, Allemagne
Jülich Centre for Neutron Science (JCNS), Forschungszentrum Jülich
The neutron landscape has undergone some changes in recent years after the closure of several research reactors in Europe. Therefore, making available state-of-the-art new high-performance neutron sources with an optimized range of instruments is one of the issues that is occupying the modern neutron scatterer community. For their construction there is now an increasing focus on alternative techniques to nuclear fission, such as pulsed sources and, among these, accelerator-driven, low-energy compact neutron sources are considered worldwide to be the next generation for a wide range of applications.

The JCNS Workshop 2023 will be dedicated to future instruments at pulsed sources and it will have the aim of discussing the last and new developments in instrumentation for such sources together with the new opportunities offered by complementary techniques and by industrial applications.

neutron scattering, instrumentation, pulsed sources, accelerator-driven low-energy compact neutron sources
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30 jui 2023
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15th BESSY@HZB User Meeting
06 dec 2023 - 08 dec 2023 • Berlin, Allemagne
Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie
With the series of annual user meetings we bring together our user community to intensify scientific exchange and stimulating new collaborations. The meetings will provide an overview of the many exciting and inspiring research results obtained at our facility in the past year. A keynote lecture, plenary talks, discussions, a public lecture and a poster session will provide vast possibilities of information and discussion. The bestowals of the 'Prizes for Young Scientists' donated by the Freundeskreis Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin e.V. (FHZB) are traditional highlights of the user meetings.
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