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AVA School on Precision Studies
23 mar 2020 - 27 mar 2020 • Prague, République tchèque
The Czech Academy of Sciences
Antimatter experiments give insight into some of the most fundamental questions in science. They allow probing symmetries and interactions in unprecedented detail. This international school will take place in the 'City of a Hundred Spires' Prague in the Czech Republic from 23-27 March 2020. Lectures and topical talks will be presented by world-leading physicists. They will present the latest results in theoretical and experimental antimatter studies along with wider research in accelerator science and particle physics. All school participants will get the opportunity to present their own work in the form of posters. Social events, an excursion to ELI Beamlines, and a public talk on antimatter research will complement the programme.
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ICHEP 2020 — 40th International Conference on High Energy Physics
30 jul 2020 - 05 aou 2020 • Prague, République tchèque
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CSS 2020 — Cosmology on Small Scales 2020: Excessive Extrapolations and Selected Controversies in Cosmology
23 sep 2020 - 26 sep 2020 • Prague, République tchèque
Institute of Mathematics, Czech Academy of Sciences
According to the modern cosmological paradigm, about 2/3 of the energy of the Universe is in the dark form and about 5/6 of the matter is invisible. However, numerous recent attempts to detect independently the dark-matter particles failed, and a number of other problems with the existence of dark energy and dark matter (such as the anomalous friction in the dark-matter halos of galaxies, etc.) become now more and more obvious. All these troubles raise the question if the "dark" substance is merely a result of excessive extrapolations involved in the theoretical analysis? So, it is timely to gather specialists from various branches of astronomy and astrophysics to discuss these issues.
Mathematical aspects of the extrapolations used in cosmology, Arguments for and against dark matter, and revisiting the foundations of physics, Alternative models for dark matter and dark energy, A systematic discord in the value of the Hubble constant derived by different methods, Theoretical possibility and observational evidence for small-scale cosmological effects, Complementary redshifts of non-cosmological nature, Quantum effects on the early universe and their observational imprints at the present time
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