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SKYMAG 2020 - Challenges for Magnetic Skyrmions and opportunities for skyrmionic devices
06 avr 2020 - 09 avr 2020 • Paris, France
Keeping the spirit of the two previous editions (2014 & 2017), the aim of SKYMAG 2020 is to gather leading scientists as well as young researchers over three and half days days, with invited talks and contributed oral and poster sessions that will help to promote stimulating exchange and discussions. Moreover, SKYMAG 2020 could also be a platform to present the activities of the different networks in Europe working on skyrmions and an opportunity for the European community to meet and discuss. The subjects of discussion will include the static and dynamic properties of skyrmions as well as their emergent electromagnetic properties, the control of skyrmion motion through spin torques, the emergence of novel skyrmionic materials and novel topological textures as well as the potential applications of skyrmion-based devices.
Challenges for Magnetic Skyrmions and opportunities for skyrmionic devices
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LHCP 2020 — Large Hadron Collider Physics Conference
25 mai 2020 - 30 mai 2020 • Paris, France
The LHCP conference series started in 2013 after a successful fusion of two international conferences, "Physics at Large Hadron Collider Conference" and "Hadron Collider Physics Symposium". The conference program will be devoted to a detailed review of the latest experimental and theoretical results on collider physics, and recent results of the LHC Run II, and discussions on further research directions within the high energy particle physics community including both theory and experiment sides. The main goal of the conference is to provide intense and lively discussions between experimentalists and theorists in research areas such as the Standard Model Physics and Beyond, the Higgs Boson, Supersymmetry, Heavy Quark Physics and Heavy Ion Physics as well as the recent progress in the high luminosity upgrades of the LHC and future colliders developments.
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SSNET 2020 Conference — Shapes and Symmetries in Nuclei: from Experiment to Theory
02 nov 2020 - 06 nov 2020 • Gif-sur-Yvette, France
Centre de Sciences Nucléaires et Sciences de la Matière (CSNSM), Orsay
As in the previous -and successful!- editions, the conference aims at strengthening the international collaboration between the nuclear structure physicists from France, Europe and other laboratories all around the world. It will allow fruitful discussions on recent experimental and theoretical aspects of nuclear structure related to the manifestation and description of the various shapes and geometrical symmetries of the nucleus as well as other symmetries and symmetry breaking.
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