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Macrostruct23 — Macromolecular Structures – Interactive Meeting on Crystallisation, Fibrillation and Beyond
01 mar 2023 - 03 mar 2023 • Leipzig, Allemagne
SFB/TRR-102 and its integrated Research Training Group
Central scientific topics of this conference are the crystallisation of synthetic polymers and the fibrillation of proteins. These processes of macromolecular structure formation are defined by similar concepts, such as the importance of local order and the constraints introduced by the connectivity of the chain-like molecules. By bringing together researchers from both fields, we improve our understanding of relevant mechanisms, design advanced (e.g. hybrid) systems and discover new, exciting perspectives.

This will be a conference that is attractive for researchers from macromolecular science of all career stages. We will provide plenty of opportunity to present, especially for PhD students and other early career scientists, and to exchange with their peers as well as with more senior scientists of the field. Therefore, our programme will be a balanced mix of scientific presentations and more interactive sessions. These interactive elements range from the classical poster sessions to round table discussions, insights behind the CV of the invited speakers and workshops on topics relevant for PhD students.

polymer cristallisation, amyloid, protein aggregation, hybrid systems, fibrillation, crystallization, aggregation
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Engineering Life: Unifying concepts from system chemistry, biophysics and theoretical physics
13 mar 2023 - 24 mar 2023 • Munich, Allemagne
MIAPbP - Munich Institute for Astro-, Particle and BioPhysics
Life, as we know it today, is characterized by a set of biophysical properties that include the ability to grow, divide and replicate, and evolve in complexity via selection and distinction. From a chemical perspective, such processes are realized by chemical reactions and assembly processes that turnover reactants, and this turnover is driven by the supply of mass and energy. From a theoretical perspective, this supply maintains the system away from thermodynamic equilibrium leading to continuous fluxes of energy and mass, even in the stationary state of the system. To engineer living systems or specific life-like processes, unified approaches are necessary that incorporate concepts from biophysics, system chemistry, and theoretical physics. This workshop aims to bring together scientists from these three fields to discuss the current challenges to engineering life-like processes. The workshop will provide a collaborative environment that includes plenary talks on the question “What is life?” and the related challenges to engineering it. Moreover, there will be sessions with interactive short talks and brainstorming sessions with plenty of time to freely gather and develop novel approaches to how to engineer life.
General Physics
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Beilstein Nanotechnology Symposium - Functional Micro- and Nanostructured Surfaces: from Biology to Biomimetics
09 mai 2023 - 11 mai 2023 • Limburg, Allemagne
Beilstein Institut
The scope of this conference is to provide an interdisciplinary platform for discussions of novel developments and trends in the field of biological and bio-inspired surfaces. Topics will encompass functional mechanisms as well as the characterization of biological surfaces with different functionalities: adhesion, friction, wear-resistance, wettability, photonics, etc. Based on this knowledge, a further key topic will be the consideration of structural principles in biological systems as potential models for the generation of novel technical surfaces and their implementations into engineering systems.
nanomaterials, tribology, wettability, self-cleaning, photonics, nanostructures
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EMBO Workshop — Physics of living systems: From physical principles to biological function
03 jul 2023 - 07 jul 2023 • Dresden, Allemagne
European Molecular Biology Organization – EMBO
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