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Physics of Life
27 mar 2023 - 30 mar 2023 • Harrogate, Royaume-Uni
IOP, PoLNET3; British Biophysical Society
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Workshop SPLW01 — Building a bridge between non-equilibrium statistical physics and biology
03 jul 2023 - 07 jul 2023 • Cambridge , Royaume-Uni
Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences (INI)
This workshop will bring together researchers from biophysics/mechanobiology experiment, soft active matter theory and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics. There will be a mixture of pedagogical overview talks and research talks. The meeting aims to bring together mathematicians and statistical physicists specializing in the fundamental properties of fluctuations and response in nonequilibrium states with theoretical researchers in soft matter working on active matter and biological physics and experimental researchers in biology and biophysics. We expect to enable new collaborations and cross-fertilization of ideas. In short, we expect that understanding the living world will provide challenges that will stimulate new fundamental thinking in statistical physics while current research in this field will help to structure our ever-expanding knowledge of living matter as a nonequilibrium dynamical system.
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Towards a More Perfect Union: Multi-Scale Models of Muscle and Their Experimental Validation
17 jul 2023 - 20 jul 2023 • Canterbury, Royaume-Uni
BPS - The Biophysical Society
An emerging generation of computational models and modeling approaches that cross multiple temporal and spatial scales is enabling new understanding of the mechanisms that regulate striated muscle contraction. These models and their technical underpinnings rely on new, higher-order information about protein and sarcomere structural dynamics, and this is supported by the current resolution-revolution in structural biology. Coupling experimental and computational approaches provides a powerful approach to describe the functional properties and interactions of sarcomere proteins both at rest and during contraction. This understanding then offers new insights into mechanisms that regulate cardiac and skeletal muscle contractile function and its dysfunction in diseases. Moreover, such approaches support the identification of small molecule targets for therapeutic interventions and can predict their mechanism of action. The thematic meeting will provide a forum for colleagues from academia and industry to connect between disciplines and discuss their own advances and prospects for applying new computational and experimental tools. The aim is for a new generation of muscle researchers to forge close collaboration amongst themselves and bridge the gap between modelers and experimentalists.
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20 mar 2023
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IcoBT 2023 — 6th International Conference on BioTribology
10 sep 2023 - 13 sep 2023 • University of London, Egham, Royaume-Uni
The aim of the ICoBT meetings is to bring together researchers from across the scientific, clinical and engineering spectrum, to promote communication across the different disciplines and to provide a platform for the presentation of new work in one meeting focused solely on Biotribology.
orthopaedic surgery, dentistry, biomechanics, biomaterials, soft matter, cosmetic chemistry, biophysics and biomimetics
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24 mar 2023
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