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Sample preparation for 3D-SEM techniques in life sciences
12 avr 2021 - 16 avr 2021 • MPI of Experimental Medicine, Göttingen, Allemagne
3D scanning electron microscopy has become an important tool to answer scientific questions in life science. The aim of the course is to provide hands-on experience concerning sample preparation for the main serial imaging techniques in scanning electron microscopy (SEM): microtome-based serial block-face SEM, focused ion beam SEM and array tomography. Chemical fixation (bench processing and microwave-assisted processing) as well as high-pressure freezing and freeze substitution for scanning electron microscopy will be performed. The combination of theoretical and practical sessions will give the participants the possibility to assess the potentials of each sample preparation technique and decide which are most suitable for their own scientific project and research question. The course will also cover data processing and analysis, as these tools are essential to all 3D electron microscopy techniques.
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ECONOS 2021 — European Conference on Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy
30 mai 2021 - 02 jui 2021 • Karlsruhe, Allemagne
Welcome to the 19th European Conference On Non-Linear Optical Spectroscopy (ECONOS 2020/2021), the annual meeting devoted to diverse topics in the field of nonlinear optical spectroscopy, including coherent Raman scattering, novel laser sources, microscopy, imaging, combustion, ultra-fast and vibrational spectroscopy.
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ECBO 2021 — European Conferences on Biomedical Optics
20 jui 2021 - 24 jui 2021 • Munich, Allemagne
Sponsored by OSA and SPIE, the European Conferences on Biomedical Optics (ECBO) bring together scientists, engineers, and clinicians who work with optics and photonics to solve problems in medicine and biomedicine. Presentations will cover basic science, novel technology and applications in the areas of advanced microscopy, clinical and biomedical spectroscopy, diffuse optical imaging, molecular imaging, neurophotonics and optogenetics, optical coherence tomography and other coherence techniques, therapeutic laser applications, laser-tissue interactions, opto-acoustic methods, and other novel biophotonics techniques.
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AOFKA21 — Conference on Surface and Solid State Analytics
18 jul 2021 - 21 jul 2021 • Chemnitz, Allemagne
Technical University of Chemnitz
We want to bring your attention towards the upcoming AOFKA21 conference on surface and solid state analystics, this time jointly organized by the FKA and AOFA. Many of you have attended the FKA20 and AOFA conferences and we would be happy to welcome you to the upcoming conference. We expect around 200 international scientists working in the field of surface and solid state analytics. The conference offers Hands-on Experiments in Raman spectroscopy on Sunday afternoon for young researchers and will have a Special Focus on "Advances in electron microscopy". The broadband research activities in this filed will be demonstrated by invited and contributed lectures as well as poster presentations. .
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Elemental and compound analysis, Structural analysis, Chemical reactions in solids and on solid surfaces, Dynamic behavior of solids, Application to material science, functional layer systems, Theoretical and chemometrical aspects, Quality assurance, New instruments and methods
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ICO-25 and OWLS-16 — 25th Congress of the International Commission for Optics (ICO-25) & the 16th Conference of International Society on Optics Within Life Sciences (OWLS-16).
13 sep 2021 - 21 sep 2021 • Dresden, Allemagne
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