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The 50th birthday of D11: A History of SANS at the Institut Laue – Langevin
26 sep 2022 - 28 sep 2022 • Grenoble, France
Institut Laue – Langevin
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20 mai 2022
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ADD 2022 — 5th Edition of the School and Conference on Analysis of Diffraction Data in Real-Space
16 oct 2022 - 21 oct 2022 • Grenoble, France
Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) and The European Synchrotron (ESRF)
The ADD2022 School and Conference aim to deepen the understanding and to further the training of the various communities working on real-space data analysis for neutron and x-ray diffraction techniques. Fourier transformation of diffraction data into real-space, traditionally used for the structural determination of liquids and glasses, is now increasingly employed for partially-disordered crystalline powder samples, as well as for single-crystal samples exhibiting some local atomic disorder, and most recently for short-range spin-spin correlations in disordered or frustrated magnetic systems (in the case of neutron diffraction). The scientific scope of ADD2022 pertains to both x-ray and neutron diffraction techniques, and will again include single-crystal diffuse scattering as an integral part of the School and the Conference.
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HMF@NS Workshop — Perspectives with High Magnetic Fields at Neutron Sources
02 nov 2022 - 04 nov 2022 • Grenoble, France
This workshop will gather scientific and technical experts of high-field and neutron facilities with the aim to identify the needs of the neutron community, evaluate the technical challenges and prepare a roadmap for developing unprecedented capabilities. This will be the occasion to present recent scientific and instrumental breakthroughs, discuss about the state of the art and identify paths toward the collaborative development of modern high-field magnets for neutron scattering facilities.
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XXII GEM — The 22nd congress of the French Membrane Group
14 mar 2023 - 17 mar 2023 • Autrans, France
French Membrane Group (GEM)
GEM brings together researchers, biologists, biochemists, biophysicists, physicists and chemists interested in biological phenomena associated with membranes at all levels, from the organ to the molecule. The meeting will focus on the structure, dynamics and function of membranes and will be locally organised by researchers from different institutes situated in Grenoble where several well-known European and national research facilities are located.
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01 dec 2022
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