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ATHIC 2023 — The 9th Asian Triangle Heavy-Ion Conference
24 avr 2023 - 27 avr 2023 • Hiroshima, Japon
ATHIC 2023 inherits the tradition of the previous conferences held first in Seoul in 2006 and continued in China, India, Japan, and South Korea. Many physicists from Asian countries have been actively working on both experimental and theoretical sides of heavy-ion collisions. ATHIC brings them together to discuss various exciting aspects of this field. We hope to have fruitful discussions among the participants and develop new ideas to press us forward in further understanding of hot and dense QCD matter. The conference will also provide an excellent opportunity to summarize what we have learned at RHIC and LHC.
Initial state and thermal equilibrium; Jets and medium response; Heavy quarks and quarkonia; Electromagnetic probes; Collective dynamics; Correlations and fluctuations; QCD phase diagram and extreme states; QGP in small systems; Intense field and vorticity; Hadron interactions and exotics; New theoretical developments; Experimental techniques and future programs
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ICNC 2023 — 12th International Conference on Nuclear Criticality Safety
01 oct 2023 - 06 oct 2023 • Miyagi, Japon
Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) and Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Nuclear Safety Research Center
The 12th International Conference on Nuclear Criticality Safety (ICNC) will be held in Sendai, Japan on 1-6 October 2023. Twenty years after the last conference in Japan, which was held in Tokai-mura as the 7th ICNC, Japanese criticality safety community will host the ICNC again. Organised in co-operation with the NEA, the ICNC takes place every 4 years and brings together researchers, engineers, nuclear power plant operators, students and regulators working in the field of criticality safety.
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03 fév 2023
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FUSION23 — 8th International Conference on Heavy-Ion Collisions at Near-barrier Energies
19 nov 2023 - 24 nov 2023 • Shizuoka, Japon
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NSS/MIC/RTSD — Nuclear Science Symposium, Medical Imaging and Room-Temperature Semiconductor Conference
01 nov 2025 - 08 nov 2025 • Yokohama, Japon
This conference is the premier meeting on the use of instrumentation in the Nuclear and Medical fields, and we are anticipating a vibrant meeting with ample synergy and overlap between the three main areas of the conference, fostering discussions between world leading scientists that work on similar problems, but possibly in different areas.
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