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INMS Workshop — Topological Quantum Computation
09 Oct 2023 - 13 Oct 2023 • ICMS, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
ICMS - International Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Topology is likely to be featured prominently in any truly useful quantum computation scheme. The hurdle of scalable fault-tolerance is insurmountable with the current incremental progress -- while it is possible to engineer systems supporting hundreds of physical qubits, applications beyond academic interest require millions of qubits to implement robust error correction. Topological quantum computation (TQC) relies upon the preparation of topological phases of matter supporting non-abelian anyons to perform inherently fault-tolerant operations. As errors are corrected at the hardware level through the topological nature of anyons, the problem of scalability is simultaneously overcome. On the other hand, despite years of effort we still don't have unassailable confirmation that non-abelian anyons exist. This workshop will bring together researchers in a diversity of fields in and around TQC for the purpose of broadening and deepening the subject, with an eye towards accelerating the realization of scalable technology.
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Windsor 2024 — Workshop on Dynamics of Complex Quantum Systems
22 Jul 2024 - 25 Jul 2024 • Cumberland Lodge, United Kingdom
Its aim is to bring together both experimentalists and theorists from across the UK and Europe working on realising, simulating and modelling complex quantum systems across atomic, molecular and condensed matter physics. The major focus will be on new mathematical and computational methods, the discussion of novel experimental results and the challenges of modelling them.

The workshop is organised as a part of the UK's Collaborator Computational Projects (CCP) programme bringing together the CCPQ - Quantum Dynamics in Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, and CCP9 - Computational Electronic Structure of Condensed Matter.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: cold atoms in optical lattices, quantum materials, superconductivity and superfluidity, nanomechanical oscillators in cavities, phase transitions, non-equilibrium dynamics, coherence and entanglement, and environment engineering for small scale quantum technologies. To complement this physics we also expect a wide variety of numerical methodologies, such as tensor network theory, dynamical mean-field theory, quantum Monte Carlo and electronic structure calculations to be represented.
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