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APFB2020 — Yamada Conference LXXII: The 8th Asia-Pacific Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physics
19 Aug 2020 - 23 Aug 2020 • Kanazawa, Japan
The next Asia-Pacific conference on few-body problems in physics (APFB2020) will be held at KANAZAWA BUNKA HALL, Kanazawa, Japan, from 19 to 23 August 2020. This will be the 8th edition of this conference series which has previously taken place in Tokyo (1999), Shanghai (2002), Thailand (2005), Indonesia (2008), Seoul (2011), Adelaide (2014), and Guilin (2017).
Few-body aspects of nuclear physics and nuclear astrophysics, Light nuclei, multi-neutron systems, alpha-cluster, neutron/proton-rich nuclei, related topics of nuclear structure and reactions, nuclear astrophysics, etc…, Few-nucleon systems, and their interactions, Few-nucleon systems, nuclear forces and currents including QCD inspired approaches, etc.., Hypernuclear physics including exotic nuclei, Hypernuclei, strange and exotic systems, few-hadron systems and their interactions, etc…, Hadron spectroscopy and structure, Exotic hadrons, quark and gluon structure of hadron, Lattice QCD, protonradius puzzle, etc…, Few-body aspects of atom, molecular systems and cold atoms, Ultracold atoms, Efimov physics, universality, dynamics of atomic and molecular systems, etc…, Interdisciplinary aspects of few-body physics and techniques, Symmetry and symmetry breaking, nuclear data science, nuclear transmutation studies, computational methods, etc…, Related topics for few-body systems
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SPIN 2020 — 24th International Symposium on Spin Physics
21 Sep 2020 - 25 Sep 2020 • Matsue, Japan
RIKEN Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science
The scientific program of this Symposium will include topics related to spin phenomena in particle and nuclear physics as well as those in related fields. Spin related observables provide unique insights in studying fundamental symmetries, fundamental interactions, particle properties and the structure of hadrons. Similarly, spin related experiments help to advance the understanding of nuclear reaction dynamics and of the structure of hadron-nucleon many body systems. The conference will also cover technical developments and applications in the area of polarized beams, polarized targets and spin optics.
spin, nuclear, high-energy, nucleon, symmetry, accelerator, application, polarization
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FUSION20 — 8th International Conference on Heavy-Ion Collisions at Near-barrier Energies
15 Nov 2020 - 20 Nov 2020 • Shizuoka, Japan
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