Meetings/Workshops on High Energy Physics, Particles and Fields in Japan

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Strings and Fields 2021
23 Aug 2021 - 27 Aug 2021 • Kyoto, Japan
Kyoto University, Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics
This is an annual workshop on high energy theory held in Kyoto, Japan, which is definitely one of the largest workshops of this field in Japan. The workshop covers various topics in string theory and quantum field theory such as the AdS/CFT correspondence, various dualities in string theories and gauge theories, exact results in supersymmetric gauge theories, entanglement entropy and its holographic description, string cosmology and phenomenology, and nonperturbative methods in quantum field theory. The workshop this year will be in a hybrid format. The talks will be mainly on Zoom, but researchers who are permanent residents of Japan, or who are non-residents but can enter Japan without any additional supporting documentation from Yukawa Institute, and follow the quarantine rules set by the Japanese government (see webpage for detail), can gather physically at the Panasonic Hall in the Yukawa Institute, if they so prefer. (Due to the reduced occupancy limit of the hall, those who wish to do so should indicate it from the registration page, and we might ask you to refrain from coming. )
string theory, quantum field theory,
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FUSION21 — 8th International Conference on Heavy-Ion Collisions at Near-barrier Energies
14 Nov 2021 - 21 Nov 2021 • Shizuoka, Japan
Fusion dynamics, Superheavy elements: synthesis methods, structure, and chemistry, Fission and quasi-fission dynamics, Transfer reactions and deep-inelastic collisions, Near-barrier collisions with weakly bound and unstable nuclei, Tunneling: deep sub-barrier fusion and spontaneous fission, Nuclear reactions relevant to astrophysics: fusion, fission, and transfer, Accelerators and instrumentation for reactions around the barrier, Theoretical developments in fusion and large amplitude collective motions
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Last updated: 13 May 2021