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20th TASCA workshop
25 avr 2023 - 27 avr 2023 • GSI, Darmstadt, Allemagne
Heavy element studies performed at recoil separators on Nuclear reactions, Nuclear structure, Atomic structure, Chemical properties; Technical aspects of recoil separators including Targets, Separation techniques (in-flight and post-separation), Detection, Data acquisition and processing
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27 fév 2023
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SMI-2023 — 14th International Conference on Stopping and Manipulation of Ions and Related Topics
08 mai 2023 - 12 mai 2023 • Gießen, Allemagne
The conference is organized by GSI/FAIR, and in close connection to the Justus-Liebig-University in Giessen and the HIM in Mainz.
The spirit of the conference is to provide a form of presentations and discussions on the stopping and thermalization of ions in gases, method to provide clean and cooled low energy beams and their subsequent analysis.
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The Present and Future of Heavy Flavour and Exotic Hadron Spectroscopy
08 mai 2023 - 02 jui 2023 • Munich, Allemagne
MIAPbP - Munich Institute for Astro-, Particle and BioPhysics
A major goal in strong-interaction physics is to understand the nature of hadrons, which make up visible matter, and much research activity revolves around two fundamental questions: what are hadrons made up of and how does Quantum Chromo-dynamics (QCD), the strong-interaction component of the Standard Model, produce them? Although these questions are simple, the answers may not be. To address these questions, spectroscopy is a valuable and time-honored tool, as it enables us to understand the structure of mesons, baryons and exotics and how they are produced. In this context, the recent discovery of many new hadronic states, in particular the plethora of observed X, Y, Z states, is exciting, as these objects challenge the commonplace view of hadrons as either quark-antiquark or three-quark color-singlet states.
Experiment-HEP, Phenomenology-HEP, Theory-HEP
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2023 European Physical Society Conference on High Energy Physics?
21 aou 2023 - 25 aou 2023 • Hambourg, Allemagne
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15th BESSY@HZB User Meeting
06 dec 2023 - 08 dec 2023 • Berlin, Allemagne
Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie
With the series of annual user meetings we bring together our user community to intensify scientific exchange and stimulating new collaborations. The meetings will provide an overview of the many exciting and inspiring research results obtained at our facility in the past year. A keynote lecture, plenary talks, discussions, a public lecture and a poster session will provide vast possibilities of information and discussion. The bestowals of the 'Prizes for Young Scientists' donated by the Freundeskreis Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin e.V. (FHZB) are traditional highlights of the user meetings.
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