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SciOps 2022 — Artificial Intelligence for Science and Operations in Astronomy
16 mai 2022 - 20 mai 2022 • ESO, Garching, Allemagne
Technologies associated with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, data science, deep learning, and neural networks are already embedded in our daily lives. Also astronomical research is deeply impacted by the advances of AI technologies. The large amount and complexity of data produced by modern astronomical facilities require AI based technologies to allow efficient processing, and novel, synoptical, analysis and discovery methods. They add value to both engineering, observatory operations and science, with the final goal to enhance data exploitation.
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From Clouds to Planets II: The Astrochemical Link
03 oct 2022 - 07 oct 2022 • Harnack Haus, Berlin, Allemagne
During the conference, we will make a journey through space and time, starting from interstellar clouds and then moving to cloud filaments and dense cores on the verge of star formation, to protostars and their embedded disks, to planet-forming disks to exoplanet and finally landing in our Solar System, while delving into laboratory facilities and theoretical calculations and simulations. Each evening, before dinner, there will be a general talk on each topic of the conference (the “aperitive talk”), to allow all communities to understand better the “big picture” and to facilitate finding links across disciplines, which always provide fertile ground in our journey towards understanding our astrochemical origins.

Students and young researchers will be encouraged to attend and interact with all participants, to present their work and broaden their horizons. Some financial help will be available for them upon request.

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27 mai 2022
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The fundamental role of stellar multiplicity in stellar dynamics and evolution
31 oct 2022 - 25 nov 2022 • Garching bei München, Allemagne
MIAPP - Munich Institute for Astro- and Particle Physics an institute of the Excellence Cluster ORIGINS
Our meeting intends to create a dialogue between observers, modelers and theoreticians to share problems, ideas and methods around stellar multiplicity and interaction. This is only one side of the coin: even if for some research fields stellar multiplicity is a given and well embedded in methods, its importance is controversial in other fields, despite observational and/or theoretical evidence. Our meeting also aims at addressing these controversies by providing a stage for the latest arguments, and a constructive environment for dialogue and fostering scientific collaboration.
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