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Uncertainty Quantification for Nuclear Physics
24 jui 2024 - 28 jui 2024 • Mainz, Allemagne
MITP - Mainz Institute for Theoretical Physics, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
The studies of the nucleonic systems and the nuclear interaction reveal key scientific connections between phenomena on microscopic and macroscopic scales: from the Standard Model of particle physics and nuclear reactions leading to the creation of the elements, to the equation of state of nuclear matter and neutron stars observed via multimessenger astronomy. Precise and accurate predictions of nuclear observables are called for, along the way. With technological advances and theoretical improvements, nuclear physics is progressively entering a precision era that benefits such studies. In order to improve theoretical explanations and find new experimental designs, assessment of both experimental and theoretical uncertainties is essential. Thus the community of nuclear scientists is working towards the quantification and reduction of uncertainties using different approaches. The workshop will focus on discussing the challenges and opportunities of this endeavor from different perspectives, including recent progress in chiral effective field theory, many-body theory, and new emulator techniques that facilitate uncertainty quantification. We want to pay special attention to the applications of Bayesian approaches which offer a better framework to deal with uncertainties in nuclear physics.
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DREB2024 — 12th International Conference on Direct Reactions with Exotic Beams
24 jui 2024 - 28 jui 2024 • Wiesbaden, Allemagne
The conference is hosted jointly by GSI/FAIR and the TU Darmstadt.
In keeping the tradition of this conference series, the meeting will be of a relatively informal character: no proceedings will be published. The program of the meeting will consist of contributed presentations and posters to be selected based on the submitted abstracts, in addition to keynote opening talks. The conference program will focus on new results, in particular presentations of yet unpublished results. We strongly encourage students and other junior researchers to participate.
Spectroscopy of exotic nuclei, Shell structure and evolution, Nuclear force and short-range correlations, Bulk properties and collective excitations, Nuclear astrophysics, Ab initio methods for structure and reactions, Advances in direct reaction theory, New instrumentation for direct reaction studies
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Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics School
08 sep 2024 - 15 sep 2024 • Burg Stolpen, Allemagne
Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics is an exciting field with many highlights in recent years in observational astronomy, simulating astrophysics, experimental and theoretical nuclear physics. Therefore, training and interaction of young scientists, PhD students and postdocs, are important for further progress and expansion of this community. We are organizing a Summer School on "Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics" in connection to the International Conference on Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics XI. It will be held at Burghotel Stolpen, Germany, from September 8 (arrival) to 15 (departure or transit to the conference), 2024.
Topics will cover the different aspects of nuclear astrophysics: observational astronomy and gravitational waves, astrophysical modelling and simulations, and nuclear physics experiments and theory.
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NPA-XI — Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics XI
15 sep 2024 - 20 sep 2024 • Dresden, Allemagne
PPPS 2025 — 2025 IEEE Pulsed Power & Plasma Science
15 jui 2025 - 20 jui 2025 • Berlin, Allemagne
IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society
Combined conference of the IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science and the IEEE International Pulsed Power Conference
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