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The extraordinary structure of ordinary things - A tribute to Isabelle Grillo
18 May 2022 - 20 May 2022 • Grenoble, France
Isabelle dedicated her scientific life to the art of mixing surfactants, nanoparticles, polymers, emulsion droplets, as seen through the eyes of small-angle scattering. She showed that it is the most elegant method to go to the heart of colloidal interactions, by probing the intricate balance of colloidal forces, the morphology and the evolution of complex fluids. Through the words of her closest collaborators, this symposium will highlight her outstanding contribution spanning from fundamental approaches to very practical industrially relevant questions on everyday products.
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15 Apr 2022
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Bombannes Summer School 2022 — 15th European Summer School on "Scattering Methods Applied to Soft Condensed Matter"
20 Jun 2022 - 28 Jun 2022 • Carcan-Maubuisson (Gironde), France
The Bombannes summer school 2020 had to be postponed due to the pandemic and will finally take place in June 2022. The Bombannes summer school is devoted to the practical «state-of-art» approach to scattering methods, using neutrons, as well as X-ray and light sources - today’s key techniques to study structure and dynamics in systems containing colloids, polymers, surfactants and biological macromolecules. Since 1990 the Bombannes school series introduces, on a fundamental level, the current methodology of static and dynamic scattering techniques and their application to soft matter systems. It provides with a period of 2 years advanced training for young researchers with a working place in European laboratories at post-graduate and post-doctoral level.
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The 50th birthday of D11: A History of SANS at the Institut Laue – Langevin
26 Sep 2022 - 28 Sep 2022 • Grenoble, France
Institut Laue – Langevin
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20 May 2022
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