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EMBO Practical Course — Light sheet microscopy
15 Aug 2022 - 26 Aug 2022 • Brno, Czech Republic
European Molecular Biology Organization – EMBO | CEITEC
Light sheet microscopy is an established imaging technology that enables the recording of large biological specimens with minimal photo-damage. It opens new avenues to study cell biological and developmental processes with unprecedented imaging speed and facilitates systems biology approaches by quantitative imaging of living systems in their entirety. Although light sheet technology is still developing, it has become broadly available through commercial and open-access platforms. In this interdisciplinary course, we are continuing the tradition of three such courses in 2014, 2016 and 2018 at MPI-CBG in Dresden. This new installment of the course at CEITEC Brno will focus on the emerging trends in the field, namely, the combination of light sheet imaging with other imaging modalities in a correlative approach and probing the physical properties of living systems imaged with the light sheet technology. Given the scientific focus of the hosting organisation, we will particularly welcome students bringing applications of light sheet microscopy to imaging plants and viral infections.
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30 Apr 2022
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EMBO Workshop — Chromatin structure, organization and dynamics
04 Sep 2022 - 08 Sep 2022 • Prague , Czech Republic
European Molecular Biology Organization – EMBO
Chromatin structure, organization and dynamics underlie essentially every aspect of cell function. Rapid advances in recent years in imaging- and sequencing-based methods and in structural tools, such as Cryo-EM, resulted in breakthroughs in our understanding of the spatial and temporal organization of chromatin and its functions. The aim of this workshop is to bring together experienced scientists, Ph.D. students, and postdoctoral fellows working on the functional organization and dynamics of the nucleus and chromatin in diverse cellular processes. Our goal is to establish an informal and intimate atmosphere (120 participants in total), in which oral and poster presentations by students and postdoctoral fellows, from selected abstracts, will be complemented by lectures delivered by leading researchers in the field. The speakers will present exciting recent work, discuss their perspectives on future developments, and highlight the existing conceptual views and technical problems in the area. The lectures will be organized in 8 sessions and will be complemented by 2 poster sessions.
Chromatin organization and gene regulation, Chromatin regulation, Genome organization in development and disease, Genome stability and DNA repair, Epigenetic pathways, Transcription regulation, Nuclear envelope organization and function, Nuclear structure and dynamics
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EMBO Workshop — Eukaryotic RNA turnover and viral biology
20 Jun 2023 - 23 Jun 2023 • Brno , Czech Republic
European Molecular Biology Organization – EMBO
Postponed from 21.09.2021–24.09.2021
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