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correl20 — Online-Edition of the Autumn School on Correlated Electrons: Topology, Entanglement, and Strong Correlations
21 Sep 2020 - 25 Sep 2020 • Jülich, Germany
Forschungszentrum Jülcih
Online-Edition of the Autumn School on Correlated Electrons. Topology and entanglement are key concepts in many-body physics. Understanding the associated emergent phenomena beyond toy models — in the world of real strongly-correlated materials — requires the mastery of a wealth of different methods. These encompass analytical tools such as group theory, first principles techniques based on density-functional theory, materials-specific model-building schemes, as well as advanced modern numerical approaches for solving realistic many-body models. This year’s school will provide students with an overview of the state-of-the art of these methods, their successes and their limitations. After introducing the basics, lectures will present the core concepts of topology and entanglement in many-body systems. To make contact to real materials, strategies for building materials specific models and techniques for their solution will be introduced. Among the latter, the school will cover quantum Monte Carlo methods, construction and optimization of correlated wave-functions, recursion and renormalization group techniques, as well as dynamical mean-field theory. More advanced lectures will give a pedagogical overview on topological materials and their physics: topological metals, semimetals, and superconductors. Towards the end of the school entanglement in quantum dynamics and perspectives in quantum computation will be discussed. The goal of the school is to introduce advanced graduate students and up to these modern approaches for the realistic modeling of strongly correlated materials. The school this year will be online.
strongly-correlated systems, strong correlations, effective Hamiltonian theory, Hubbard model and Mott physics, superconductivity density-functional theory, dynamical mean-field theory, LDA+DMFT and beyond, linear response, variational wave functions, exact diagonalization and quantum Monte Carlo, topological invariants, geometry and topology, spin-orbit and many-body interactions, topological metals and semimetals, topological superconductors, entangled states, measures of correlation, bond-particle approaches, entangled dynamics
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Conductive Plastics
01 Dec 2020 - 02 Dec 2020 • Munich, Germany
Applied Market Information Ltd – AMI
AMI’s Conductive Plastics conference is the place to learn about these fast-developing technologies. The fifth edition of this international event focuses on the latest developments in formulation, processing and application of electrically and thermally conductive thermoplastics, bringing together an audience of OEM engineers, product designers, processors, compounders and additive producers
Developing technologies and applications for electrically and thermally conductive plastics
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