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Black holes: bridges between number theory and holographic quantum information
04 Sep 2023 - 20 Dec 2023 • Cambridge , United Kingdom
Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences (INI)
Defining a theory of quantum gravity remains one of the most challenging problems at the cutting edge of research in mathematical and theoretical physics. Unlocking this problem implies constructing a quantum field theoretic description of gravity which fully elucidates how a quantum field theory encodes gravitational spacetime background solutions. Much of the progress in shaping the language and the framework of this problem owes its genesis to a specific subset of problems in quantum gravity, namely those dealing with understanding the organisation of information in black holes.
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Challenging the standard cosmological model
15 Apr 2024 - 16 Apr 2024 • London, United Kingdom
The Royal Society
Scientific discussion meeting organised by Professor James Binney FRS, Dr Roya Mohayaee, Professor John Peacock FRS and Professor Subir Sarkar. Is the universe simple enough to be adequately described by the standard ΛCDM cosmological model which assumes the isotropic and homogeneous Friedmann-Lemaître-Robertson-Walker metric? Tensions have emerged between the values of cosmological parameters estimated in different ways. Do these tensions signal that our model is too simple? Could a more sophisticated model account for the data without invoking a Cosmological Constant?
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cosmology, CDM, CMB, cosmological constant, quantum gravity
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