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IVMR-2020 — Final Seminar of the IVMR Project
21 jan 2020 - 23 jan 2020 • Juan les Pins, France
Institute of Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN)
Currently, new reactor designs (AP1000 and HPR1000 in particular) involving an IVR strategy were built in different countries and some of them are already in operation. Therefore it is important to share, as much as possible, scientific knowledge and methodology about IVR in order to help safety authorities making decisions. For this, a consensus on several issues should be reached between R&D experts.

The first objective of this seminar is to present the main outcomes of the European project IVMR (2015-2019) and to draw conclusions from that project. Among the main issues, the impact of transient evolutions of oxide and metal layers on the focusing effect and the issue of the long term mechanical behaviour of the ablated vessel wall will be discussed in details. Issues about external cooling efficiency, innovations and back fitting will also be addressed.

A second objective is to bring together an international panel of actors involved in severe accident management issues, either from the regulatory side or from research or industry, in order to share knowledge and views about the IVR strategy. Through panel discussions and technical sessions, all the important issues of the IVR strategy will be covered and discussed. The technical sessions will also include presentations from experts out of the IVMR project, in order to give the widest overview as possible on the IVR topic.

The IVMR seminar will be followed by a forum, open to all participants interested in continuing R&D about IVR. The purpose of the forum is to provide inputs for the R&D orientation of new research projects and to discuss about possible frameworks to continue collaborative R&D actions about IVR. This forum will focus on defining priorities for R&D on IVR and listing all the relevant experimental facilities or possible new facilities that could provide new and useful data for the improvement of the evaluation of IVR.

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Nuclear safety, severe accident, in-vessel retention, corium, criticial heat flux, external reactor vessel cooling, pressure vessel
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CIRM – Workshop — Méthodes numériques pour les équations cinétiques
14 jui 2021 - 18 jui 2021 • CIRM (Marseille Luminy), France
CIRM – Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques
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