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MAQD 2024 — Microlocal analysis and quantum dynamics (in memory of Steve Zelditch).
17 jui 2024 - 28 jui 2024 • Evanston, IL, États-Unis
Northwestern University
Microlocal Analysis and Quantum Dynamics 2024 is supported by the RTG “Dynamics: Classical, Modern, and Quantum”. The events are part of Northwestern’s 2023-2024 Emphasis Year, “Asymptotics in Geometry and Analysis: the Mathematics of Steve Zelditch”.
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QTD2024 — Quantum Thermodynamics Conference 2024
05 aou 2024 - 09 aou 2024 • College Park, États-Unis
QTD 2024 is the annual conference on quantum thermodynamics held in person at the University of Maryland, College Park, MD. The conference’s primary goal is to discuss recent advances in quantum thermodynamics, the field that studies thermodynamic processes at the quantum scale.
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Quantum World Congress
09 sep 2024 - 11 sep 2024 • Tysons, États-Unis
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Workshop on Entanglement in Many-Body Systems: From Nuclei to Quantum Computers and Back
09 sep 2024 - 20 sep 2024 • Seattle, États-Unis
This workshop will be centered around the topic of entanglement in many-body systems relevant for and connected to NP. The goal is to advance exchanges of ideas and techniques between NP and other fields of many-body physics such as condensed matter, quantum chemistry or quantum field theories. These areas are already well advanced in the characterization and use of entanglement for the description of many-body systems, and in the development of experimental techniques for producing and detecting entangled states. The knowledge acquired in these fields can guide progress in the development of entanglement-driven methods for classical and quantum simulations of nuclei, and in the identification of experiments probing entanglement in nuclear systems. Vice versa, specificities of many-body NP techniques can potentially be useful for other fields, and QIS in general. The workshop will explore these different aspects.
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New Perspectives in Many-body Physics with Quantum Optical Systems
29 oct 2024 - 01 nov 2024 • Santa Barbara, États-Unis
UC Santa Barbara, Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics
There has been an explosion of new experimental platforms to explore and control the quantum interactions between atoms and light. These include dense atomic media either in the form of ordered arrays or disordered ensembles, to nanophotonic or nanophotonics-inspired interfaces, to quantum electrodynamical circuits coupled to superconducting qubits. These new platforms exhibit an additional complexity not found in conventional atom-light interfaces, arising from factors such as the ability to engineer the dispersion relation of light, the reduced system dimensionality, and/or non-perturbative multiple light scattering. This conference will gather a diverse set of researchers together in order to exchange state-of-the art developments and to discuss, identify and pose grand challenges and opportunities for the field in the near future. Experimentalists working in these fields are encouraged to participate and share their perspectives of future experimental capabilities of many-body quantum optical systems. Researchers in related fields (such as Rydberg atom arrays, ultracold molecules, superconducting qubits for quantum computing, etc.) who see opportunities in linking with quantum optics are also welcome to attend. This broad exchange should catalyze important themes for discussion and development in the field.
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SPIE PW25 — SPIE Photonics West 2025
25 jan 2025 - 30 jan 2025 • San Francisco, États-Unis
SPIE – The International Society for Optics and Photonics
SPIE Photonics West is the world's leading photonics technologies event. Thousands of people attend Photonics West each year to learn, connect, and find the latest research and products. Topics cover biomedical optics, biophotonics, lasers, industrial lasers, optoelectronics, microfabrication, MOEMS-MEMS, displays, quantum technologies, and more. Six days, two exhibitions, technical papers, networking events, industry sessions, Quantum West stage, courses, and the co-located SPIE AR | VR | MR conference and exhibition make this the most important annual event in the optics and photonics market.
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