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WAMICON 2024 — 2024 IEEE Wireless and Microwave Technology Conference
15 avr 2024 - 16 avr 2024 • Clearwater Beach, Florida, États-Unis
The conference will address multidisciplinary research and technology trends in RF, Microwaves, and Wireless Communications. The central theme of WAMICON 2024 is “Wireless System and Device Innovations for Intelligent Communications and Adaptive Sensing”. We welcome submissions on all aspects of RF, Microwave, Mm-wave Devices and Systems along with hardware and software technologies enabling intelligent communications and sensing.
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09 fév 2024
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Defense + Commercial Sensing
21 avr 2024 - 25 avr 2024 • National Harbor, Maryland, États-Unis
We look forward to safely gathering 21-25 April 2024 in National Harbor, Maryland, for SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing, the most important event for learning about sensing technologies being rapidly acquired and deployed within public, security, and government applications. The 2024 call for papers is now open, and we encourage researchers and engineers to contribute advancements in sensors, infrared, laser systems, spectral imaging, radar, lidar, autonomous systems, and other findings with the community.
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SMASH 2024 — Small molecule NMR conference
15 sep 2024 - 18 sep 2024 • Burlington, États-Unis
If you want to learn the latest NMR methods, find new applications for the technology or meet the movers and shakers in the field, SMASH is the place to do it.
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ARRAY — 2024 IEEE International Symposium on Phased Array Systems and Technology
22 oct 2024 - 25 oct 2024 • Boston, MA, États-Unis
Phased array systems continue to be a rapidly evolving technology with steady advances motivated by the challenges presented to modern military and commercial applications. This symposium will present the most recent advances in phased array technology and offer a unique opportunity for members of the international community to interact with colleagues in the field of phased array systems and technology.
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13 mai 2024
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NSS/MIC/RTSD — Nuclear Science Symposium, Medical Imaging and Room-Temperature Semiconductor Conference
26 oct 2024 - 02 nov 2024 • Tampa, Florida, États-Unis
This conference is the premier meeting on the use of instrumentation in the Nuclear and Medical fields, and we are anticipating a vibrant meeting with ample synergy and overlap between the three main areas of the conference, fostering discussions between world leading scientists that work on similar problems, but possibly in different areas.
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Symposium on Shear Testing of Soils
29 jan 2025 - 30 jan 2025 • Houston, Texas, États-Unis
Soil and Rock Committee (D18) of ASTM
This symposium will provide a forum for experts from around the world to discuss the need for new or revisions to current ASTM standards used in laboratory ring shear, direct shear, direct simple shear, and triaxial compression testing of soils, which includes specimen preparation, reconstitution, consolidation, and drainage during consolidation and shearing. This symposium also will provide a forum for experts to discuss the need for new or revisions to current ASTM standards used in field shear testing, e.g., field vane shear, T-Bar, cone penetrometer, pressuremeter, and any other field shear test.
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Optics and the Brain
21 avr 2025 - 24 avr 2025 • Coronado, California, États-Unis
Focuses on innovative research, tools and techniques to increase fundamental knowledge about the brain and nervous system.
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