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QCD Master Class 2023
04 Jun 2023 - 17 Jun 2023 • Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer, France
The QCD Master Class 2023 will take place on June 4-17 2023 in Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer, a small village in Brittany (west of France) close to the city of Saint-Malo and the world famous Mont Saint-Michel. Five lectures in QCD, of approximately 10 hours each, will be given to 35 young researchers and faculty staff members.
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GwsNS-2023 — Thematic school "Gravitational wave emission from proto-neutron stars and neutron star mergers"
05 Jun 2023 - 09 Jun 2023 • Aussois, France
The thematic school Gravitational wave emission from proto-neutron stars and neutron star mergers (GWsNS-2023) is a graduate school that will cover several aspects of the gravitational wave (GW) emission from neutron stars. Lectures will mainly focus on the gravitational emission from supernovae, proto-neutron stars and coalescing binaries, with an eye on the connection between astrophysical phenomena and the equation of state (EOS) of dense matter that defines the structure and macroscopic behaviour of these compact objects.
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Summer School on Mathematical Crystallography
12 Jun 2023 - 16 Jun 2023 • Nancy, France
International Union of Crystallography | Commission on Mathematical and Theoretical Crystallography
The school provides a solid introduction to point- and space-group symmetry. It introduces some of the structural tools available at the Bilbao Crystallographic Server as well as Jana2020 software for structure solution and refinement. Lectures are accompanied by paper and computer exercises.
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IIS2023 — 12th ITER International School: The Impact and Consequences of Energetic Particles in Fusion Plasmas
26 Jun 2023 - 30 Jun 2023 • Aix-en-Provence , France
Aix-Marseille University
The ITER International School (ISS) responds to the need for training in this critical energy context, where fusion research is a cornerstone for the success of a large-scale project and international impact. The IIS has naturally become a global reference in the ITER project. The ITER International School aims to prepare young scientists and engineers for working in the field of nuclear fusion and in research applications associated with the ITER Project. The adoption of a “school format” was a consequence of the need to prepare future scientists and engineers on a range of different subjects and to provide them with a wide overview of the interdisciplinary skills required by the ITER project. The subject of this year's school is “The Impact and Consequences of Energetic Particles on Fusion Plasmas”. As the start of ITER operations approaches, it is timely to address this multidisciplinary topic that includes plasma self-heating by fusion-born alpha-particles, the influence of energetic particles on stability, diagnosing energetic particle transport and loss, and understanding runaway electrons. 
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Symplectic Singularities and Supersymmetric QFT Summer School
10 Jul 2023 - 14 Jul 2023 • Amiens, France
The past decade have seen important progress by mathematicians and physicists alike on a class of geometric objects called symplectic singularities. On the math side, they lie at the crossroad between algebraic geometry and representation theory, while from the physical perspective they arise as moduli space for supersymmetric quantum field theories. As such, they can be studied using tools from string theories and branes. The first week will be a summer school, the second week will be a workshop. Participants can attend the first week, the second week, or both.
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TDB Project Course — Seventh Edition: Thermodynamic Data Collection and Assessment
23 Sep 2023 • Nantes, France
The seventh edition of the annual NEA Thermochemical Database (TDB) Project course on the topic of thermodynamic data collection and assessment will take place as a one-day, in-person event on 23 September 2023 in Nantes, France. The event will be orginised before the Migration Conference (24 -29 September 2023). Organised by the NEA TDB Project, the course is designed to familiarise scientists with current NEA TDB activities and standards, provide an overview of data collection and analysis techniques, and work through some real system examples to demonstrate the critical evaluation and data assessment process. Retaining high scientific standards for the collection, interpretation, critical review and application of thermodynamic data is a key goal of the NEA TDB, and will help assure that a strong scientific basis for the safety case is maintained to support international nuclear waste management options.
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