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SGC 2024 — National Level Seminar on Space, Gravity and Consciousness
Institute of Space and Consciousness, Bangalore Chapter, India
About the Conference: Newton’s law of universal gravitation is a practical model for most everyday situations, while Einstein’s field equations for gravity provide a more accurate description of gravity, especially in extreme conditions and dealing with cosmological phenomenon. However, both of this gravity models have some serious limitations. Newtonian and Einsteinian models of gravity, where there is only one force (gravity) acting on cosmological distances cannot give stability to the universe. In order to overcome this difficulty Einstein had to introduce anti-gravity force acting at cosmic level and limited its strength just to balance the attraction of gravity. Thus, he obtained the concept of static universe. But we all know that how the concept of static universe was overthrown by the experimental discovery of expansion of universe by Hubble. A discussion on the antigravity force called dark energy is now a hot topic in astrophysics and cosmology. The study of dark energy demonstrates that current well established theories in particle physics and gravity are incomplete. In this seminar we invite theorists, phenomenologists, scholars, thinkers and experimentalists to present their views on the source and functional aspects of space, gravity, dark energy and consciousness. There are now speculations that the Space may be the source of gravity, matter and dark energy and papers on such speculations are most welcome. The seminar will have plenary talks, paper presentations and brainstorming panel discussions (subject to organizational constraints)
Program Coordinator - R. Prakash;     Phone: [091-9840302270];     Email:
We welcome papers on following topics: Space as the source of gravity, Space as the source of dark energy, An alternative to Big bang, Unification of forces and consciousness, The concept of Space-time curvature, The experimental evidence for dark energy, Theoretical proof for Galileo’s Pisa tower experiment, The concept of Space in science and philosophy. Notes: Proceedings of the submitted papers will be available to all participants on the seminar day free of cost, Projector facility is available for PPT, Travel and accommodation to be arranged on their own, Pre-registrations required due to limitations on hall and logistics, Papers shall be within 10 pages in MS Word or within 15 Slides in MS PPT, Supports on content of the paper and presentations are available.
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