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International Conference on Observing The First Billion Years of the Universe Using Next Generation Telescopes
20 jan 2020 - 24 jan 2020 • Indore, Inde
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School on Observing The First Billion Years of the Universe Using Next Generation Telescopes
27 jan 2020 - 31 jan 2020 • Indore, Inde
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MODEST 20: Dense Star Clusters in the Era of Large Surveys
02 fév 2020 • Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, Inde
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AstroWin'20 — International Winter School on Astronomy 2020
16 fév 2020 - 21 fév 2020 • Hyderabad, Inde
Western University, Canada & BM Birla Science Centre, India
This is one of the largest astronomy winter schools in the region, and it seeks to promote the development of professional astronomers through this event, as well as broaden the appeal of science to local school students and the general public in the host city by organizing public lectures and discussions.

The organizers seek out up to a few select scientists to be primary lecturers at the school and also participate in content development. A series of secondary lecturers will also be invited, and the diversity of speakers are emphasized. Hands-on sessions will include theory, computation, and data analysis. Students will leave the school having replicated some of the analysis that went into recent discoveries of gravitational waves, interpreted observational data from stellar clusters, and ran a simple computer simulation of star formation. A visit and half-day mini-workshop at the TIFR National Balloon Facility, Hyderabad, where we will do some demonstration of scientific ballooning for astronomical observations along with two day exhaustive workshop on computational astrophysics and data mining.

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astronomy, science, workshop, India, Canada, US, UK, Europe, Russia, UAE, Iran, Winter, astrophysics, computation, data, observation, cosmic rays, neutrino
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ISVHECRI 2020 — 21st International Symposium on Very High Energy Cosmic Ray Interactions (ISVHECRI 2020)
04 jui 2020 - 08 jui 2020 • Ooty, TN, Inde
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
The 21st International Symposium on Very High Energy Cosmic Ray Interaction (ISVHECRI 2020) will be hosted by the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research at the location of GRAPES-3 experiment in Ooty, India.

ISVHECRI is a biennial conference series supported by the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP). Its primary objective is to provide a forum for the discussion of very high energy interaction for the interpretation of cosmic ray data based on the information available from both the accelerator and cosmic ray experiments. This unique series brings together cosmic ray physicists and scientists involved with the high energy accelerators and colliding beam facilities. The scope of the conference has been widened to include interesting and new measurements from related areas of astro-particle physics.

EAS results relevant to Particle Physics, Accelerator results relevant to Cosmic Ray Physics, Emulsion chamber & Hybrid experiment results, LHC pp and Heavy Ion Physics, Exotic phenomena, manifestation of a “New Physics” beyond the Standard Model, Hadronic cross sections, multiparticle production & hadronic interaction models, Space experiment data related to high energy interactions, Matter-Antimatter asymmetry, New EAS experimental installations, High energy neutrino and muon fluxes, High and super high energy cosmic rays, origin & observation
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