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IVOA Interoperability Meeting
04 mai 2020 - 08 mai 2020 • Sydney, Australie
International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA)
The Virtual Observatory (VO) is the vision that astronomical datasets and other resources should work as a seamless whole. Many projects and data centres worldwide are working towards this goal. The International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA) is an organisation that debates and agrees the technical standards that are needed to make the VO possible. It also acts as a focus for VO aspirations, a framework for discussing and sharing VO ideas and technology, and body for promoting and publicising the VO.
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14th Asia-Pacific Regional IAU Meeting (APRIM)
06 jul 2020 • Perth, Western Australia, Australie
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43rd COSPAR Scientific Assembly and Associated Events
15 aou 2020 • Sydney, Australia, Australie
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COSPAR2020 — Unifying planetary system formation out of elementary building blocks: from dust, gas and ice to our Solar System and exoplanets
15 aou 2020 - 22 aou 2020 • Sydney, Australie
The Australian space research community
The 2020 Assembly will combine the latest in space research findings with activities designed to enrich the global space research community - including helping equip our future leaders, and workshopping with space industry - and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. You will have the opportunity of a lifetime to interact directly with everything that Australia has to offer – our science and innovation, our people, our heritage, and our beautiful environment.
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Linking the Galactic and Extragalactic: stellar dynamics and stellar populations of the Milky Way and its siblings
30 nov 2020 - 04 dec 2020 • Wollongong, NSW, Australie
"Astro3D" an Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence
n this conference we aim to link Galactic and Extragalactic research, both of which bring unique perspectives to understanding how disk galaxies formed. The recent wealth of detailed Milky Way measurements from GALAH, APOGEE, LAMOST, and Gaia, combined with results from spatially resolved spectroscopic surveys such as SAMI, MaNGA, and with VLT­-MUSE, make this the ideal time to link Galactic and extragalactic research. Crucial in this discussion are the recent results from large cosmological and Milky Way zoom in simulations that shows that the Galaxy might not be the ideal template for understanding disk formation as previously thought.
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