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First INTRANS (Instrumentation and Training for Nuclear Spectroscopy and Reaction Dynamics) Workshop
22 jan 2024 - 25 jan 2024 • Orsay, France
The INTRANS (Instrumentation and Training for Nuclear Spectroscopy and Reaction Dynamics) subtask takes the challenge of providing an expertise on an optimal employment of experimental setups in EURO-LABS for nuclear spectroscopy and nuclear reactions communities. Large research collaborations in those two fields are investing huge efforts and resources in developing new instrumentation (such as, e.g., the AGATA detector array, to name the most challenging one), experimental methods and techniques for front-line research at the different research centres and universities across the world. Most of these techniques are of common interest and the exchange of information as well as the pooling and maintaining of resources will be of great benefit to the whole research community and will lead to enhanced quality and scientific outputs of the experimental programs at the various research facilities.
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Ecole des Houches: Fluorescence markers for advanced microscopies
17 mar 2024 - 22 mar 2024 • Ecole de Physique des Houches, France
This school aims at training students and researchers to master fluorescent markers used in advanced fluorescence bioimaging: their diversity, how they actually work and what are their current development. It will be organized at the Ecole de Physique des Houches, in the french Alps, from March 17th to 22th, 2024
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Workshop on Fluid dynamics meets synchrotron X-ray high-speed imaging
21 mar 2024 - 22 mar 2024 • Grenoble, France
The European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF)
The European Synchrotron Radiation Facility is organizing an on-site workshop on Fluid dynamics meets synchrotron X-ray high-speed imaging. The primary goal of this workshop is to highlight the capabilities of synchrotron X-ray imaging to investigate fast fluid dynamic problems and to bring together both scientists who have experience in using such techniques as well as those who would be interested in considering using them. The workshop will be a unique platform to foster discussions on which areas and specific problems in fluid dynamics might benefit from fast X-ray imaging. The participants will also learn how to apply for access to such a facility and how to prepare and conduct a successful experimental campaign either using environments available at the beamline as well as bringing their own setups.
Bubbly flows ● Breakup and coalescence processes ● Cavitation ● Drops and bubbles ● Flow in porous media ● Interfacial instabilities ● Heat and mass transfer in multiphase flows ● Particle-laden flows ● Phase-change processes ● Turbulent multiphase flows ● Sprays ● Suspensions and non-Newtonian flows ● Shock waves
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Optica Sensing Congress
15 jul 2024 - 19 jul 2024 • Toulouse, France
The Optica Sensing Congress provides the forum to facilitate reporting the latest optical-based sensor advances, brings together major sensor developers and users and provides a showcase for the latest sensor prototypes and products.
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