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Frontiers of Fundamental Physics | FFP16
23 mai 2022 - 26 mai 2022 • İstanbul, Turquie
İstanbul University, Department of Physics
Dear Colleagues,

The world's most important and most prestigious physics meeting will be held online on 23-26 May 2022, hosted by İstanbul University.

This meeting, also known as the meeting of Nobel prize winners, was held for the first time in 1987 in India. Since 2004, it has been held in various countries, notably in Italy, France, Australia and Canada.

The list of lecturers, some of which have sometimes lectured more than once, includes the likes of Nobel Laureates such as Professors G.’t Hooft, S. Chu, Charles Townes, Klaus von Klitzing, Pierre de Gennes, Douglas D. Osheroff, Sir Harry Kroto, Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, Sir Tony Leggett as well as other eminent Physicists like Prof. Yuval Ne’eman, Prof. J. Pati, Prof. Ashok Sen and many other prominent scholars.

Some of those who gave speeches in this meeting series and took part in the international organizing committee were honored with Nobel Prizes in Physics, Dirac Awards, or other prestigious awards in the following years.

This year, Physicists with Nobel Prize in Physics, Fields Medalists (Nobel Prize in Mathematics), Dirac Medalists, Nobel Prize in Physics nominees, Physicists who put forward very important theories, Chief Editors of highly respected Physics Journals and many distinguished Physicists, such as directors of Major Research Centers will participate and give talks as invited speakers.

Past meetings’ talks have been published by leading publishers such as University Press (Orient Longman), Kluwer Academic, Springer and the American Institute of Physics. The talks of this year’s meeting will be published as a book by Springer.

We will be happy to see you at this physics festival where fundamental problems in many fields of physics from particle theory to cosmology, information theory to complex systems and philosophy to physics education will be discussed.

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