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58th International Winter Meeting on Nuclear Physics
20 jan 2020 - 24 jan 2020 • Bormio, Italie
Long-standing conference bringing together researchers and students from various fields of subatomic physics. The conference location is Bormio, a beautiful mountain resort in the Italian Alps.
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Vth Topical Workshop on Modern Aspects in Nuclear Structure — The Many Facets of Nuclear Structure
04 fév 2020 - 09 fév 2020 • Bormio, Italie
The meetings are organized every second year in the month of February in Bormio, focusing on specific topics which are relevant for the nuclear physics community and related areas. Within the workshop, experimental and theoretical collaborations will have the opportunity to present and discuss their latest development on physics and more technical issues
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FNHP2020 — International Doctorate School in Nuclear Physics “Frontiers in Nuclear and Hadronic Physics 2020"
24 fév 2020 - 06 mar 2020 • Florence, Italie
Galileo Galilei Institute for Theoretical Physics
The school is primarily addressed to Ph.D. students in Theoretical Nuclear and Hadron Physics. Participation of experimentalists and post-docs is also encouraged. The 2020 edition will be devoted to the strong interaction at finite temperature and density and it will provide a pedagogical introduction to the basic concepts and tools needed for carrying cutting edge research in Hot QCD matter, high energy QCD, Quark-Gluon Plasma probes and properties, ultra-relativistic nuclear collisions (pA, AA), Relativistic hydrodynamics, QCD phase diagram at finite temperature and chemical potential with applications to Neutron Stars physics and multi-messenger astrophysics.
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Frontiers in Nuclear and Hadronic Physics 2020 — Doctoral School at the Galileo Galilei Institute For Theoretical Physics
24 fév 2020 - 06 mar 2020 • Florence, Italie
Joint ICTP-IAEA Workshop on Radiation Damage in Nuclear Systems: From Bohr To Young
11 mai 2020 - 22 mai 2020 • Trieste, Italie
The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics and the International Atomic Energy Agency
This Workshop will assists Ph.D. students and early-career researchers in developing a quantitative understanding of the impact of radiation damage on materials, both for existing fission and proposed fusion reactors. There is an emphasis on the conceptual progression of theoretical and experimental techniques across spatial scales from atomistic descriptions to the macroscopic behaviour of bulk material. A limited number of grants are available to support the attendance of selected participants, with priority given to participants from developing countries. There is no registration fee.
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Nuclear materials, nuclear fusion, fission reactor materials, material irradiation, collisional cascades, molecular dynamics simulations, multiscale modelling, kinetic Monte Carlo methods, nuclear kinematics, material defect creation and evolution, neutron and ion proxy irradiation, hydrogen retention in materials
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13th International Spring Seminar on Nuclear Physics — Perspectives and Challenges in Nuclear Structure after 70 Years of Shell Model
18 mai 2020 - 22 mai 2020 • Sant'Angelo d'Ischia, Italie
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