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Log in to a user's account

Every function on the site is subject to permissions. These might depend on a users' function or status and can change over time. For instance, by default, only authors of accepted abstracts are able to upload a full paper once administrators activate this function. Further restrictions might apply if the administrators set a deadline for the upload.
It is therefore important for administrators to be able to check the setup of the site at any time. To this end, they are allowed to log in to users' accounts and take a tour of the site. In some situations, you might need to visit more than one account to check that your setup is correct. For example, you might want to see whether authors of accepted submissions are able to upload a full paper and verify that those of rejected submissions are not able to do so. The filter at the top of the page can help select the users.
To access a user's account, go to Participants / Accounts / View, edit user data, locate the user in the list and click on the link labelled Access this account (Fig. 1).
If a user is logged when an admin tries to access the account, the admin will be warned and will be able to cancel the login.
Log in to a user's account
Last updated: 05 August 2021