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Configure the review form

  • The review form contains a number of pre-defined fields, with special functions. They can be switched off, if not needed.
  • Administrators can add any number of custom fields to the form.
  • All, or part, of the data collected on the review form can be disclosed to the authors of submissions. When designing the form, be sure to take the options for disclosure into account.

Locate the form configuration functions

Go to Configuration / Reviews / Review form to set up the form. This page contains an overview of existing components / fields included on the form, an edit box for instructions that are displayed above the form and a preview of the form.

List of pre-defined fields

The following describes the pre-defined fields, their attributes and special functions.

Numerical criteria
  • You can define up to 9 numerical criteria and let reviewers select a value in a drop down list, for each criterion.
  • Weightings can be applied to the criteria.
  • For each submission, individual scores, as well as average scores, will be displayed and exported to Excel (average of all reviewers per score; average of all scores and reviewers).
Comment for the committee
You can let reviewers input a textual appraisal in an edit box. Usually, this appraisal is not disclosed to the authors, but it can be.
Accept or decline?
You can define a drop down list of recommendations, for instance [Accept / Decline / Ask for corrections] and collect the reviewers' opinions to guide your own decision.
Oral or poster?
A second drop down list can be defined to collect recommendations on the type of presentation to assign.
Feedback for the submitter
  • Activate this field if you intend to provide comments from the reviewers to the authors of submissions.
  • It is possible to disclose this comment without disclosing the rest of the review.

Modify the components of the form

Overview of the form components
Go to 1. Configure the review form . This section displays a list of all the fields that are included, or can be included, on the review form.
Modifying the usage and display order of the fields
The relative order of the fields, as well as their usage [Required / Optional / Not to be used], can be edited directly in the overview list. After setting the desired values, click the save button, at the bottom of the list.
Editing other attributes of a field
Locate the component you want to edit and click on the Edit button next to it. This will lead to a new page that lists the name, instructions and other parameters linked to the component, e.g.the options of a drop down list.

Add a component to the form

At the bottom of the overview list of components, you will find a drop down list of standard components: [Text box / Drop down list / Radio buttons / Check boxes / Date / Simple text / Separator]. After choosing a component, click the button labelled Add this item to add the component to the form. A form containing the parameters of the component will be displayed. After filling in the form, save it to add it to the form. Go back to the overview. The new component will be found at the bottom, where its usage and order can be modified.

Last updated: 29 January 2024