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Assign speciality topics to reviewers

This function is optional.

Locate the function and assign topics to the reviewers

  • Go to Submissions & reviews / Reviews / Assign topics to reviewers. This page contains two components: a filter and a matrix. The matrix lists all the reviewers and topics. For each reviewer and each topic, you can check a box. Doing so will assign the topic to the reviewer. The filter, at the top of the page, can be used to filter the data, by restricting the reviewers and / or topics that are displayed in the matrix.
  • If you are using a two-level classification (tracks and topics or themes and topics), you will find a second menu, Submissions & reviews / Reviews / Assign themes (or tracks) to reviewers. On this page, you can assign a whole theme (track) with all its topics to a reviewer.
Last updated: 05 August 2021