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Agenda overview

The COMS agenda is designed as a self-contained set of HTML pages linked together in a tree-like structure, similar to a website. It can be used to showcase the conference programme, as well its proceedings. Posters, video presentations and live sessions can be embedded. A search function and a bookmarking function are provided. A cover page and a footer with sponsors' logos can be added. The agenda can be hosted on the COMS platform or downloaded as a zip for self-hosting. It can be displayed publicly and indefinitely on the COMS site, or be kept private. Finally, it can be embedded on the COMS virtual platform.


An agenda without a cover or footer, with embedded presentations (videos and posters) as well as abstracts: Conference on New Techniques and Technologies for Statistics. The agenda can be viewed at
Overview of sessions on a conference day
Overview of presentations in a session
An abstract and its presentation
Last updated: 05 October 2021