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On-site registration & tracking

COMS provides a module to register delegates on arrival and, optionally, log their participation in various events or on different days. It consists of two functions that can be used independently or together:

  • A Plug & Play module to scan QR codes issued to participants and record their arrival in the database.
  • A manual function to record arrivals, by setting a flag in a list.

An export to Excel contains the arrival details as well as the QR codes for all authorized participants (fig. 2).
Using a scanner to register an arrival
Export of the check-in data to Excel

Scanning QR codes

If you are planning to scan QR codes (fig. 1), you will need to:

  • Construct a list of participants who are authorized to receive a QR code and use it to check in.
  • Activate the display of the QR codes to authorized participants and notify them by email.
  • Set up one or more devices (laptops, PCs, tablets) with webcams that can be used to scan the QR codes.
  • Note: alternatively to a webcam, you can use a smartphone to scan the codes.
  • Use the scanning function provided by COMS to register the participants.

Recording arrivals manually

If you are not planning to scan QR codes, you will simply need to:

  • Activate and display the list of participants on a suitable device in the reception area.
  • Identify the participants and record their arrival by setting the relevant option in a drop down list.

Last updated: 29 January 2024