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Accounts & user data

In setting up the site to manage participants' data, the first task is to configure the account creation form and related functions. There are, however, additional functions that can be used to gather personal data from the participants.

Used together, these functions can be useful for sites that focus on selecting participants for a summer or winter school, or for events with a strong social programme.

Account creation form

  • This form is used to create a profile of the participants and provide them with a password to the site.
  • It is possible to add any number of questions to the form.

Selecting participants

  • Administrators can activate a function to flag users' participation in the conference.
  • A participation status can be assigned to each user, based on various criteria: registration and payment status; confirmation by the users; acceptance or rejection by the organisers.

Activating additional forms

  • Up to two forms can be activated and used to collect personal data from the participants.
  • These forms are freely configurable.
  • They can be used, for example, to register users to non-paying events (for instance workshops) or to collect travel details, résumés etc.
  • Each form is accessed on a user's account through a dedicated tab.

Activating upload buttons

  • Up to three upload buttons can be activated to collect personal documents from the participants.
  • Typically, these are used to collect scans of student cards, curriculum vitae or proposals.
  • Each upload button is accessed on a user's account through a dedicated tab.
  • Functions are provided to manage the collected documents.
Last updated: 29 January 2024