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Download the doc:  
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Initial setup & general functions

Initial setup

These are settings that should be configured before you go live.

Set the sender of the emails
  • Go to Emails / Overview and settings / Set the sender (From:).
  • Input the conference email, for instance and a display text, for instance "Myconf 2019".
  • The given email address will receive the recipients' replies.
Define a signature for all (or some) emails
  • Go to Emails / Overview and settings / Set the signature.
  • Your input will be used to substitute the placeholder <signature>, wherever it is found.
  • By default, this placeholder is used in all emails. It can, however be removed, if needed.
Set the default language of the emails
  • Go to Emails / Overview and settings / Default language and make sure that the selected language corresponds with the language selected for the site.
  • If two or more languages are used, the emails language should be the main / default language.

General functions

  • The emails can be personalised by means of placeholders. These are inserted in the texts of the emails and replaced by the values associated with each user (e.g. names, submission titles, presentation details etc.).
  • Go to Emails / Overview and settings / Placeholders to find a list of the placeholders.
  • Two types of placeholders can be used: predefined placeholders, corresponding to standard, predefined variables (e.g. surname, abstract title) and custom placeholders that correspond to custom variables, created by administrators (e.g. "Food preference" or "Selected workshop").
  • Both types are listed on the page. They can be copied and pasted into the texts of the emails.
Audit emails
  • You can get copies of automatic emails sent to the users, allowing you to monitor activity on the site.
  • Go to Emails / Overview and settings / Get copies of emails and enter a list of emails that will receive copies of all automatically generated emails.
Last updated: 29 January 2024