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Public pages

Locate the function used to create public pages

Go to Configuration / Text pages / Public pages. This page contains a list of pages that are displayed, or could be displayed, if activated, on the access page.
Overview of the public pages

Create a page

You can add a page by clicking on the Add a page button. This will add an item to the list and give you access to the newly created page. The menu item and the page will not be published on the net until you make them available with the dropdown on the right.

Edit the content of the page

Click the link "Edit the page" to edit its content. A rich text editor is provided. You do not need to give it a title, because the software will use the text of the menu item to create the heading of the page which will be placed above your content.
Edit the content of a page
View of the resulting page

Position the page in the side menu

After saving the page, return to the overview list. You can change the position of the page relative to other pages by modifying the value of its order parameter.

Group pages into sections

You can group related pages in sections identified by headings. Headings can be created in the overview list of pages by clicking on the button labelled Add a header to the menu. This will create a new entry at the bottom of the list. Input the text of the heading, set its order value and save.
Content grouped into sections

Publish / unpublish a page or a heading

Use the dropdown located on the right hand side of the page or heading you want to publish. Select a value and save. Possible values are: Publish on the net / Do not publish.

Images and links

You can insert images and links to documents in your text. To insert a picture, you need to upload it first at "Configuration / Texts / Insert links & pictures". Once this is done, you can insert the pic in the editor and publish it on the page.

Publishing content generated by the software

You can publish generated content by inserting the relevant placeholder in the content of the page. For example, the placeholder {detailed_agenda} will be replaced by a detailed view of the conference prrograme. Text can be added above and below the placeholder. A list of available placeholders is provided under the overview list of pages.
Use of a placeholder to insert content generated by the software
View of the resulting page showing the detailed agenda
View of the resulting page showing the detailed agenda on a phone
Last updated: 29 January 2024