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Copying the users of a site

It is possible to transfer all, or some of the account found on a site to another site. The following describes the process:

Initially the users are given an inactive status
Initially, users that are copied to the new site are present, but not visible to administrators. If they log in to their account, their status is immediately activated and they become active users.
Returning users can reuse the same password or reset it
Users are able to log in with the password previously used. They are also able to reset a forgotten password by means of the password recovery function accessible under the login box.
Administrators can send emails to inactive users
A dedicated template, found at Emails / Bulk emails / Inactive accounts, can be used to send a bulk email to all inactive users, for instance to invite them to access the site. The list of recipients will gradually be reduced as users activate their account.
Admins must decide whether to preserve or suppress users' functions prior to the transfer
By default, users assigned specific functions, like reviewer or track chair, will retain them when transferred. Organisers will need to indicate whether these functions should be removed.
Last updated: 29 January 2024