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Create reviewers' accounts

Before you can assign reviews, you need to get the reviewers into the system and make sure they are assigned the reviewer function. For this you have three options, which can be combined:

Let the reviewers create their own account

Once they have done this, you can assign them the role of reviewer at Participants / Accounts/ Functions at the conference.

Create individual accounts on behalf of the reviewers

  • Go to Participants / Accounts / Create an account and fill in the account creation form.
  • An email can be sent out to the new user as soon as the account is created.
  • This email can be activated and edited at Emails / Automatic emails / Activate and edit the emails / 3. Creation of a new COMS user by a conference administrator.
  • You can assign the role of reviewer to the new user at Participants / Accounts / Functions at the conference.

Create multiple accounts through an Excel upload

  • This can be done at Participants / Accounts / Create multiple accounts.
  • This function is particularly suitable if you have many reviewers to input.
  • You can enter their reviewer role directly into the spreadsheet, so no need to assign it manually
  • The reviewer function should be input in the spreadsheet as Reviewer, in the column labelled Functions.
Last updated: 29 January 2024